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Explain all the different types of field techniques we used when collecting data from the shopping centres we visited.

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Chapter Two: Method Introduction The aim of this chapter is to explain all the different types of field techniques we used when collecting data from the shopping centres we visited. I will explain why I used these and how I went about using them. This includes Primary data which I collected from the field visits and Secondary data that was given to me. Primary Data a) Questionnaires A questionnaire is a set of questions asked to a number of shoppers that give information on the questions asked. I designed my questionnaire by thinking of questions that would answer my hypotheses and find out about people's shopping habits. I used seven questions to complete it. Two were to learn a little about the person, including age and sex. Then I used five other questions to directly answer my hypotheses. The results for Reading town were already given to us so we didn't go to Reading. ...read more.


After the sample study we did not have to change our sample questionnaire. Land Use Maps A land use map is an outlined map with all the names of shops on it. We used this to see what ratio of shops there are in each type of shopping centre. We separated the shops into three categories, high order, middle order and low order. We completed the maps by sketching a rough outline of the surrounding area and labelled the shops. We colour coded them according to their order. This allowed us to compare the proportion of high, middle, and low order shops and services in the three centres. Annotated Photos and Field Sketches We chose to use this method to show how the shops were arranged, for example terraced, the amount of people around at the time and any particular features of the environment. We took photos or drew sketches in each of the places we visited. ...read more.


This would help because it would show how far people have travelled to get to the shopping centre. However this data may be unreliable since the cars may have been bought outside of the local area and used by someone living in the locality. These methods were chosen to further support our hypotheses. Secondary Data The secondary data we used was given to us by our teacher. We used an OS Map from the Landranger series, number 175, 1:50,000 scale (Reading and surrounding area). This was used to help with our land use maps and to understand where each place was in relation to each other. Factors affecting the study The study could be affected by a number of factors. Examples of which is the weather, since numbers of people may drop when the weather is bad, the time of year since there would be fewer outside visitors to the location and the time of day because many people may be at work or in school. These factors could affect the overall reliability of the results. Tom Osborne 10.1 1 ...read more.

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