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Facilities and Conflicts.

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Title: Facilities and Conflicts. There is an increase in tourism in Castleton, because of this many conflicts take place between the tourist and locals. To over overcome these conflicts the council have had to add facilities for tourists. The table attached with this shows some of the facilities added to try and solve some of the conflicts that take place. I have also explained below about each conflict and how the council have tried to solve the conflict. Litter: One of the first conflicts that occur in Castleton is that many of the tourists drop litter. When tourists drop litter this obviously make the locals furious because is ruining the environment. The council have tried to overcome this problem by putting bins around the village; there are also notices of fines for dropping litter around the village to make an attempt to stop tourists dropping litter. ...read more.


The council have put up signs and information boards around the village. There is also and tourist information centre in Castleton, were the tourist could ask questions (directions) instead of asking the locals and they could also pick up leaflets and maps. Traffic: Another major conflict between the tourist and locals because of the traffic. There are two parts to the traffic conflict. The first part is the parking. There weren't enough parking spaces along the roads for the tourist. This caused a major problem parking problems because tourist parked their vehicle wherever they could. This caused problems and conflicts with locals because locals needed places to park their vehicles too. To solve this problem the council built a big car park for tourist vehicles (cars, coaches etc). ...read more.


Seating: Another conflict that has caused conflicts between the locals and tourist is that the tourists sit on walls, which eventually weaken and could make them crumble overtime (stones in a stone wall would loosen up and weaken and would crumble). To solve this problem the council have built benches in many areas to prevent this from happening. School Groups: The final conflict that occurs in Castleton is between tourist (mainly school groups) and locals. The school groups come to Castleton and make a lot of noise, which annoys the locals because they local residents want to enjoy the quiet environment. To solve this problem the council send the teachers to the information centre, which prevents too many school groups coming on the same day and also warns them about the residential areas. The council have also put up signs warning tourists about residential areas and tells the tourist to keep the noise level low ...read more.

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