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Factors effecting infiltration rates

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Investigating how factors affect infiltration rates Purpose The purpose of this investigation was to help me gain a clearer understanding of infiltration and the effects that the various factors have on it. These factors include the environment, gradients, vegetation and the antecedent conditions. This will help me develop my understanding of its role in the hydrologic cycle. The rate of infiltration is the amount of water absorbed into the soil from the ground surface; we measure this in centimetres per minute. Infiltration levels are affected by a number of different factors. Low infiltration can be caused by clay soil, intense rainfall, icy ground, compressed soil, saturated ground, hard baked ground and steep slopes. Factors that increase infiltration rates are high infiltration are fertile land, flat surfaces, vegetation, soft soil, sand, and weather conditions. Surface runoff is created when there is a gradient in the land, or when the surface is unable to infiltrate into the land. Depending on the weather the amount of surface runoff may increase or decrease. ...read more.


If it had been raining then and the land was saturated then no more water could be absorbed into the soil. If it had been a dry day and there was no rainfall then this would be a good weather condition and the level of infiltration will be steady and possibly conclude in a good collection of results. The experiment grounds. This image is an overlooking view of are experiment, the circled grounds is where we took are results and tested the infiltration rates. The arrows pointing to each site is the different area's, which where sampled grounds. We chose this area as it provided me with the suitable grounds for my experiment. It also had the variable land sources, for vegetation cover, gradients, no vegetation and tree cover. It was also still in the school grounds which meant we has easy access towards the site. Key Site 1- 0� slope, under tree, no vegetation Site 2- 5 � slope under tree, no vegetation Site 3- 13� slope, 100% grass cover Site 4- 0 � slope, 100% grass cover Site 5- 0 � slope, 58% grass cover Site 6- 10.5% slope, 65% grass cover. ...read more.


The graph above is called the 'significance of the spearman's rank correlation coefficients and degrees of freedom' technique this will statistically show if my data shows any significant results. I need to know if the relationship between gradients, infiltration and vegetation are significant and occurred by chance. The graph above tells me that 0.2 at 4 gradient- is to low of significance as it's lower than 5% therefore it is only 95% reliable. To have a more accurate number of results we could have done more experiments. This would eventually come to a pattern and become clearer. This will then show me a more accurate set of results, with a clear pattern and correlation. In fig 3 the averages of soil were 2.4cm/m, grass was 1.59cm/m, soil and grass was 0.62. This will then show me that the level of infiltration was best with soil showing me that my hypothesis was correct proving my points that interception most affected the infiltration rates. Interception would delay and stop the amount of infiltration into the soil. If the soil was clear this would then therefore allow it to infiltrate without any obstacles or elements. Aimee Andrews ...read more.

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