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Factors of population growth in Developing and Developed Countries

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ECONS ESSAY M/J/07 6. a) The rate of growth of population can be said to be faster in developing countries or developed countries, depending on several factors. Developing countries have high birth rates due to high fertility rates, which lead to a greater population growth. Furthermore, lack of contraception also leads to high birth rates. However, developed countries have low birth rates due to low fertility rates and the fact that contraception is readily available. ...read more.


However, in developing countries the opportunity for education is not as readily available to all citizens. Those who live in the city have many opportunities for education but usually, those who live in rural areas are not given the same opportunities. Hence, there will most likely be people who marry young and have many children due to the lack of opportunities to further their studies. Furthermore, developed countries usually have better health policies than developing countries. Therefore, those who live in developed countries will probably be more aware of the importance of health. ...read more.


Thus they will most likely have higher death rates due to diseases. Apart from that, developed countries will most likely have high immigration rates due to the better standards of living and the increased job opportunities when compared to developing countries. Hence, developing countries may have a higher migration rate. However, developing countries may also have high immigration rates because of increase in job opportunities as the countries are developing. Therefore, overall it seems that developing countries have higher population growth due to their high birth rate, lower opportunity for education, high death rate due to lack of proper healthcare and high immigration rates due to job opportunities. ...read more.

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