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Fieldwork Coursework

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GEOGRAPHY FIELDWORK INTRODUCTION For our GCSE geography coursework we visited the CBD (Central Business District) of Kidderminster. Kidderminster is situated in central England. Kidderminster's main industry was producing carpets and it is an industrialized area. Kidderminster AIM This is to find out if the number of pedestrians increases when moving toward the C.B.D of Kidderminster. HYPOTHESIS I predict as we move towards the CBD of Kidderminster the number of pedestrians will be greater the nearer the CBD. This is because the CBD contains many shops which sell products of a higher quality such as department stores like Marks and Spencer's. The further away you move from the CBD the less shops there are this is the reason why there are more pedestrians the nearer you are to the CBD. Because the shops are close together there is more competition among stores which will then try to lure people to their store with offers such as BOGOFF (Buy One Get One Free). This will then attract more people. The other types of shops the CBD contains are specialist shops national chains and also sometimes personal businesses. The CBD also contains many offices which provide people with jobs this also attracts more pedestrians. The offices are often in high-rise blocks or in the upper parts of shops. The jobs that can be found in the CBD are of that in a bank, business society, solicitors, public services, government offices, leisure, company headquarters, and also in recreational places such as clubs, bars, cinemas, theatres, and restaurants. ...read more.


The Higher the transect number the closer it is from the C.B.D 0-No shops. 1-Very few shops-dominated by houses/industry 2-Mainly offices. 4- Shops and banks/building societies. 5- Mainly shops. The graph pattern shows that the closer you get to the C.B.D the higher the building score. This is what I predicted earlier on. Unusual results occurred at transect 1 where you would expect to find a lower shop quality because it is further away from the C.B.D although shop quality is higher is obviously higher than transect 2 and 3. The reason for this could be that the land at transect 1 is in the suburbs and the buildings may be of a better quality because of urban expansion has taken place. 5-National chain stores dominant. 3-Mixed-some national and independent. 1-Small, independent shop units 0-No shops. The Higher the transect number the closer it is from the C.B.D We can interpret from this graph that the closer we get to the Kidderminster town centre the more national chain stores are dominant although transect 10 is an anomaly and doesn't quite support this conclusion. This was my hypothesis. Strange results occurred at transect 10 this could be because land is a lot more expensive in the heart of the town centre so national chain stores locate slightly further away to get a cheaper price. The Higher the transect number the closer it is from the C.B.D 5-Very Safe 3-Busy street with pelican crossing 1-High risk busy street with no crossing 0-Extremely high risk The closer we get to the central business district the greater the safety for pedestrians crossing the streets. ...read more.


I also found difficulty in deciding the score of street cleanliness, traffic/pedestrian segregation, vacant premises, exterior appearance of buildings, safety for pedestrians crossing the street, retail organisations and shop quality. This is mainly due to the fact that you have to give each transect a score from 0-5 which means it is often opinion based and I often had a clash in view with my partner. A way to improve the traffic/pedestrian segregation method would be to stand at each transect point look around and count how many pedestrians are visible around you. Although I collected sufficient data I think my results would have been more accurate if I took more readings and averaged them out. CONCLUSION The results above support my hypothesis that the closer you get to the C.B.D the greater the population density. This is due to the fact that as you move towards Kidderminster town centre the appearance of buildings gets better, the street cleanliness increases, not to mention the shop quality and the increase in national chain stores, which sell product of a higher quality at cheaper prices. Because there is an increase in national chain stores there will also an increase in banks because they would like to locate near an area where money can be withdrawn to by goods. Due to the increase in banks and national chain stores there will an increase in jobs and therefore an increase in people. I have found that all my results support my hypotheses. ...read more.

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