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First Impressions of Renewed Area - Cranmer Street

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First Impressions First Impressions of Renewed Area: = Cranmer Street The first 2 streets that we looked at were Cranmer and Ridley Street. They are both Renewed Area (pre 19th Century Housing). The area overall was around average. The houses were Terraced housing and are only 2 bedroom houses. The Streets are extremely narrow. This is a big disadvantage to the residents living in the area and here is one major problem; there is no separate driveway for the residents. Cars are parked on both sides of the street. This causes inconvenience for the residents and the cars and other vehicles going through the area, as 2 cars are not able to go through such a narrow space. There is no garage for the residents too as car crime and vandalism is on the increase this increases the risk of a car being damages in some way or stolen. There is no front or back garden for the houses on the street. This is when children come to play on the street and if they are not watched on an accident can occur. The overall road conditions were reasonable but in some places it was disappointing. ...read more.


The houses would probably get sold to young couples because of the local schools nearby or college/university students wanting to rent the house out. The road conditions are better than of Cranmer Street. The road looks as if it has been Re-tarmac. In our Traffic Survey it scored pretty impressive. In 5 minutes only 11 cars went through. In the Environmental Features survey that was done Ridley Street scored considerably higher than Cranmer Street. Scoring 85 out of a possible 120. My conclusion is that people like me would not mind living in this area because of the amount of Resources available. Renewed area is an effective way of improving the inner city. First Impressions of Dane Street Redeveloped Area. After we had done the survey on Cranmer and Ridley Street (Renewed Area) we headed off to Dane Street that is a fairly new area (Redeveloped Area). They are Post 1970 houses; this means that the street will have a modern look. A traffic survey was carried out on Andrews Street (Dane Street is off Andrews Street) and unfortunately it was the busiest street in the area. The amount of cars that went through Andrews street was 25 cars. That is roughly 7 cars on average per minute going through Andrews Street. ...read more.


The amount of parks and free space in Bede Island is the best in Leicester. Scoring 10 out of 10 for parks and other leisure facilities and the amount of greenery in Bede Island is Very good. Unfortunately there was a lot of graphite and vandalism in Bede Island. All benches are covered in offensive material and the dustbins have been vandalized. Another reason why houses will sell very fast is because there is no traffic noise at all. In the traffic survey only 4 cars passed through the street of Bede Island. And 50 % of which were fairly new cars (M-T) showing that the area is affluent. Less pollution will occur in the area because of the amount of cars going through the area. I had done a questionnaire and asked some people what they think of the area and how they would improve it they replied and were willing to answer my questions, one of the questions asked was "what don't you like about the area?" and 9 out of 10 said the amount of rubbish on the pavements. If I had a choice to live in one of the 4 streets surveyed I would like to live in Bede Island this is because of the facilities available. ...read more.

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