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Flooding In Bangladesh.

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.FLOODING IN BANGLADESH. Bangladesh is in southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal between India and Burma. Bangladesh is an extremely poor and a country that is prone to extreme devastating floods. The geography of Bangladesh does not help either. The population of Bangladesh is 131,269,860 and the total area of the country is 144 thousand square kilometres this works out to be a 900 people to a square kilometre. 82 percent of these people are distributed in rural areas and 18 percent of these people are distributed in urban areas. Bangladesh's terrain is mostly flat and slightly hilly in the southeast. The climate in Bangladesh is normally mild in the winter months (October to march) ...read more.


Bangladesh has a coastline of 580 Km. Coastal flooding counts to a lot of the flooding in Bangladesh. Erosion of the riverbanks causes the banks to burst and flood certain areas, when the river levels are high, this can cause extreme flooding. Deforestation causes loss of vegetation and then a lower rate of interception causing a greater amount of run of, thus leading to flooding. The monsoon is a huge factor that adds to the flooding in Bangladesh. Flooding in Bangladesh has many effects. One of the most severe effects is death. Floods can cause people to become homeless. As the homes in Bangladesh are of such poor quality the floods just destroy them. ...read more.


World organisations such as the Red Cross cannot prevent floods, but they can deliver aid to the country like clean water, food, blankets... Some methods that could be used are dams and or embankment, coastal and river dredging, tidal barriers. But all of these methods are expensive and Bangladesh alone cannot afford this type of flood protection. In conclusion, Bangladesh is a very poor possibly overpopulated country with to many problems to handle. To solve Bangladesh's problems like flooding, too much money is needed and sadly Bangladesh just doesn't have the money to solve these problems. But with the help of the wealthier countries in the world Bangladesh could at least begin to slow down some of its floods. And with the help of the Red Cross the people will receive aid. Word Count: 631 ALEX DAY 5/11/2001 ...read more.

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