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Flooding in Yorkshire.

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Page No: Title 1 Introduction 2 Flooded Areas 3 Map of Yorkshire 4 Causes of flooding 5 Effects of flooding 6 Management of flooding 7 Conclusion In the past few weeks the whole of the United Kingdom has been hit by floods. The worst part hit was Yorkshire. Yorkshire is a big county in the North East of the United Kingdom. Yorkshire has been split up into four small county's which are : North Yorkshire South Yorkshire West Yorkshire East Yorkshire Yorkshire has some big cities like Leeds,York and Hull. York has been hit the worst by the floods. They have put flood defences in York and the river water is going to Barbly near Haywood. On the river Ouse in York there are 15,000 sandbags have been put on the river banks involing the emergency service,army and the local people. Much of York remains underwater after a week of rain. There will be three sections to explain about the floods : Causes of the floods The effects of the floods The mangament of the floods. Page 1 There are two types of effects of flooding in the Year 2000. They are: Immediate effects Long term effects Immediate effects Insurance Company has to pay millions of pounds to the damaged and flooded properties. ...read more.


The other reason is that the farmers do not want water in their fields so they built tubes underground so hat the water can be taken out of the fields immediately. This left the water to go the river immediately instead of it taking a long time to reach the rivers and the river had no opinion expect to burst their banks. The other reason is that they built houses in flooding areas and plain. They thought that they have protected the areas from flooding. But they have not protected enough because the houses have been flooded now. Most people are thinking it is the Global Warming to be blamed as the research show. But from my opinion I do not think it is Global Warming to blame on in this particular event. It may have been so in different events in different countries. Here are some pictures to show the situations in York. This picture has been taken in York. Most of the houses in York have been covered with water. This is how a racecourse in York looks like. Then you could see how people travelled in York. This is a satellite image of a low pressure sweeping across the United Kingdom. The Government has to find solutions to lots of thinks. ...read more.


In the past few weeks all of us have learnt something. Like not to build houses on flooding areas or flood plains. If you are buying houses you better check if the area is flood proof. The insurance companies have to spent millions of pound to repair the houses, which have been flooded. Business have to make up for the lost days and the money like working on Saturdays. The Government either does nothing about the floods or builds flood barriers and embankment on the river so the floods can't do any damage. People clearing out their houses should be very careful so they don't catch any disease like typhoid. If they know there are going to be floods they could warn people so they can either evacuate from their homes or protect their properties by putting sandbags and furniture by shifting them upstairs. These are some information why floods are causes, how we can protect that happening? Weather conditions: * Prolonged period of rainfall * Torrential storm * Arrival of warm front * Frozen grounds Natural characteristics: * Well-developed meanders * High tides downstream * Gentle long profile of river * Impermeable rocks * Large sediment load * Floodplain close to sea level * Confluence of major rivers * Steep upper profile ...read more.

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