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Foundation of Tourism

Extracts from this document...


Foundation of Tourism Destination Audit Stow-On-The-Wold The Cotswolds Gloucestershire Summery This report looks at the amenities, attractions and accessibility of Stow-On-The-Wold and conducts a SWOT, (strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats analysis) on these aspects of the destination. It also examines where Stow-On-The-Wold is positioned in the destination lifecycle. Butler's (1980) TALC model suggests there is a cycle in which a destination goes through from exploration, involvement, development, consolidation or decline and rejuvenation, which is based on visitor numbers to the destination over a period of time. (BUTLER 1980) It looks at the typology of the existing and prospective visitor and assesses how Stows image is viewed by tourists and discusses the supply/demand fit if there was an increase of visitor numbers. Finally this report summarizes and discusses ways in which Stow-on-the-Wold could regain its visitor numbers and improve tourist visits and how it show go about attracting them. Contents Page No 1. Introduction 4 2. Main findings 2.1 Brief Description of Stow On The Wold 5 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2.2 Main attractions of Stow On The Wold 6 2.3 Amenities 8 2.4 Accessibility 9 2.5 SWOT analysis 10 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2.6 Environmental changes s effecting Stow 12 2.7 Destination lifecycle TALC 16 2.8 Typology of tourists 19 2.9 Supply demand fit 20 3. Conclusion 22 4. Recommendations 23 5. References 24 Figures Fig 2.1 4 + Night Holidays 13 Fig 2.2 3 Night Stays 14 Fig 2.3 Total Visitors Per Year 16 Fig 2.4 Month On Month 17 Fig 2.5 Growth and Fall in Visitors 17 Fig 2.6 Number of Bednight 20 Fig 2.7 Total Beds Available 21 Introduction The reasons for choosing Stow-On-The-Wold, a Cotswolds market town, as the chosen destination is due to the opening of a new Holiday let Cottage, which is located in the nearby village of Oddington (BLUE LAGOON PROPERTIES). After carrying out research last April it was revealed that many of the existing Holiday Let owners were experiencing a fall in bookings, although they did remark that during peak times they were experiencing high volumes of enquires they couldn't meet. ...read more.


* Encourage some of the nearby Heritage sites to open up all year round. * Encourage more Coach companies to include Stow in their itinerary for Town stop offs. Threats * Specialist shops are threatened by constant increase of rent * New food and hygiene regulations and employment laws are threatening some of the smaller Hotels and Guest Houses. * Many of Stows accommodation providers have no Internet presence and due to the Increase in holidays being booked over the internet this is threatened Stows ability to increase it's visitors * Competition from neighbouring Burton on The Water, which has more Heritage sites in its centre. * Competition from neighbouring Burford who run a festival in June * The twice year Horse Fair is attracting the gypsy community and many local shops and businesses now close during the 4 day festival due to the increase of theft. * Increased fuel costs are discouraging the domestic tourist to visit by car. * Due to bomb incidents in London foreign tourists are put off from visiting England as a whole, especially when having to fly into Heathrow, which is near to London. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Environmental changes effecting Stow -PEST analysis Political = Stows Horse Fair The ancient travellers horse fair is one of the biggest gypsy gatherings in the country and has been taking place twice a year since 1476. It attracts hundreds of visitors who are mainly Gypsies from all over England and come to trade horses and meet old friends. Although this could be seen as an excellent promotional tool it has however had the opposite effect in more recent years. Anti social behaviour, theft and violence has been an increasing part of the horse fair as hundreds of Gypsies camp on fields and grass verges in the town centre. Tension between the travellers and traders has been growing and many local businesses and traders have resorted to closing their business during the four-day horses fair, as they fear an increase in unruly behaviour. ...read more.


(See page19 of this report) This report has also indicated major social changes like the increase in the older market and the increase in short breaks. Another significant technological trend is the increase of Internet surfers and Silver Surfers who are now using the Internet as a tool for sourcing Holiday ideas. Recommendations It is recommended that Stow should attract more inbound tourists as day visitors, which would resolve the problem of over saturation of bed allocation. This could be achieved by encouraging more Tour Coach Operators to include Stow in their tour itinerary. It is also recommended that Stow create new man-made attractions by opening up to the public some of its historical buildings within the town centre. It is suggested that Stow create some new events, which could promote quieter times of the year, which will help accommodation providers spread their bookings. These events should be aimed at the appropriate market segment, discussed above. The following festivals and special interest fairs are suggested. November * Food and Wine Fair using local Restaurants, Hotels and Wine merchants December Christmas Festival with arts display, Musical Concerts, Shopping promotions March Antique, Arts and Country Craft Fair Due to the increase in demand for 3 night stays (weekend breaks) Stow should consider promoting short break Holidays. The town could achieve this by encouraging self-catering establishments to accept short breaks and persuade local hotels to offer incentive weekends. Stow could also persuade accommodation providers to link up with local shops and offer special deals and tokens for tourists who book short breaks. Due to the growing Internet trend Stow should enhance its presence on the Internet by creating a new and dynamic town website as this will be essential to Stows future success and help achieve more growth. Once a website has been designed and developed it is vital that to gain a high listing position on the internet, Stow should encourage accommodation providers to supply a link from their own websites to the Towns website and vice versa. ...read more.

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