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Fox Hunting.

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Fox Hunting Coursework I have been given the task to research and find information on the hypothesis "Most people think that banning fox hunting is the right thing to do." From the start I did not think that this was a true statement, though this was just a gut feeling. Once I started to gather information I found many mixed feelings about this subject which has been debated since 1949. Fox hunting has already been banned in Scotland and there is a debate at the moment if England should follow our northern counterparts. I will first lay out the why some people think that fox hunting should be banned and why it shouldn't. For the Ban There are many reasons why fox hunting should be banned and some seem to be weaker reason than others. The first and probably the main is that fox hunting I cruel and it is killing of another animal for pleasure. The people who want to ban fox hunting cannot understand how people can enjoy the killing of something for sport. (Many people regard fox hunting as a sport). One of the other stronger arguments at the moment is in the way the foxes are killed. They are chased down by up to 40 hounds for many hours until it is eventually worn down then the fox is killed by several bites and tears by the hounds. ...read more.


a) It is killing another of an animal 0 0 b) The foxes are killed in a horrible way 2 1 c)The dogs can be hurt in the hunt 1 0 d) I do not like hunt for sport 1 0 e) I did not chose to ban it 5 9 5. Do you think that fox hunting should continue because of the threat to livestock? a) Yes 4 8 b) No 5 0 c) Undecided 1 2 6. Do you think that foxes are dangerous to pets or humans? a) Yes 3 3 b) No 4 3 c) I do not know enough information to have an opinion. 3 4 As you can see from my results they seem quite mixed. The majority of females which I used survey on said that there should be ban on fox hunting because they think the foxes are killed in a cruel why, the dogs can be injured and that they do not like hunting for sport. The majority also said that fox hunting should not continue even if there is a threat to farmer's livestock. It seems to me that more women want a ban on fox hunting then woman that do not. The answers that I received form the males however are very different. 7/10 believes that fox hunting should not be banned and 9/10 thinks that it can be justified. ...read more.


19% Tend to support Prince Charles 9% } 20% * Strongly support Prince Charles 12% Don't know 1 Conclusion From the information which I have gathered and research from various sources I have come to the conclusion that most people think that the ban in necessary. My survey which I have done has a very, very small amount of data. This is because my survey was results were all from the same area and that I only asked 20 people. The polls which I found on the internet contained much a much higher amount of people and the poll was nationwide instead of one local area. Though my own survey found that the majority of people (an equal amount of male and female) thought that there should not be fox hunting ban, the nationwide results tell me something different. They suggest that the majority of people (un-known if there is the same amount of males and females) thought there should be a ban on fox hunting. This was unexpected after analysing my own survey. I made sure that there was an equal amount of men and women in my survey because I believe that women have a more caring view towards fox hunting then men might do. If there was a larger amount of women in the nationwide survey this may be the reason for the difference in my results and there results. Nate Cummings 11A ...read more.

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