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Freshwater Pollution Coursework- Data Presentation

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Data Presentation Once I had entered the results of my investigation into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, I decided to present the data in a variety of ways to aid its evaluation within Microsoft Excel. I used this software to create graphs and calculate totals. I also used Microsoft Paint to create a map of the area. (Figure 1). Map Annotation: Biotic Summary I decided to annotate a map, which shows the locations of each site in relation to each other, with a biotic summary of each location. I decided to display the biotic summary in this way, so I can compare both the geographical importance of the results and the results themselves. This will, therefore, help me to analyse the data by showing me how the distance between each sites affects the biotic factors. I created the map using Microsoft Paint. The map shows a summary of the biotic results at each site. There is also a graph detailing biotic results on the following page. Total Abundance I decided to compare the total abundance (total number of invertebrates) at each site, in order to view the effects of the outfall of effluent. This will help me to prove or disprove my hypothesis by giving a summary of the biotic results. ...read more.


The turbidity fell, however, between the penultimate and the fourth site to 6 mg/l. These results are another indication of the ecosystem's recovery, a considerable distance from the outfall. The conductivity results also indicate the same conclusion. The conductivity was at its lowest at the first site (467 ?S) before rising at the second site (1302 ?S). However, once again, the highest result was recorded at the third site (1355 ?S) before the conductivity fell at the fourth site to 1042 ?S. This follows the same pattern of all the results so far, with the first result representing the lowest level of pollution and the second result representing a huge increase in the level of pollution with the third results having the greatest amount of pollution. The fourth result continues to represent the ecosystem's recovery. The concentration of nitrates at each site is another important indication of the level of pollution at that site. In my hypothesis, I predicted that nitrogen levels would increase after the sewage outfall, due to nitrification. My results prove this prediction. The first site had the lowest concentration of nitrates (48 mg/l) and the results at the second site showed a huge increase from this amount to 107 mg/l. ...read more.


Additionally, my research into public attitudes towards freshwater pollution indicates that 'water pollution continues to be a public concern'. This research has lead me to the conclusion, therefore, that the local residents in Pocklington would be concerned about the level of pollution in Pocklington Beck. My research indicated that freshwater pollution often is an important concern for farmers, who may need to monitor their use of pesticides. Possible Improvements of the Study I could have improved my study by taking more measurements and repeating my readings. This would have made the final results more reliable. Investigating more sites at Pocklington Beck would also have achieved this aim. However, it may have been difficult to do this as it may have disrupted local residents or agricultural activities. I could also have investigated more freshwater ecosystems around the country to confirm the pattern I established during this investigation. This would have made any conclusions more reliable and added credibility to my research. It may also have made my results more accurate. However, I did not have enough time to carry out these improvements. Due to these time restraints, my explanation and conclusions may be incomplete as I have only investigated one freshwater ecosystem and this may not be a large enough sample size. ?? ?? ?? ?? Caroline Stretton Geography GCSE Coursework Freshwater Pollution ...read more.

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