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Gaborone ,the capital of Botswana, was created as the time of independence approached.

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Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, was created as the time of independence approached. The city was built to satisfy two fundamental needs, which are the effective administration of Botswana and the promotion of a modern economy. The cities major employer is construction and majority of Gaborone's workers are employed in activities that provide commercial and government services. Gaborone is a small city that is predominant in the rural region. The city lies at latitude 29�09' S and longitude 27�20' E. It is located on a vast plain at 980m above sea level with low relief and rare isolated hills. Kgale hill is a granite outcrop, which rises to 1220m above sea level. Towards the north of the city lies the Oodi Hills also granite outcrop 1170m above sea level. Towards the west lie the Gabane Hills, which rise to 1190m above sea level and are located at the head of the Segoditsane River. The Notwane river valley dissects Gaborone. This river flows southwest northeast along the eastern boundary of the city and is controlled by the Gaborone dam. ...read more.


Other objectives involve providing investment opportunities for small and large investors and ensuring that the CBD is accessible by all modes of transport. The principles that have guided the design of the CBD include that it should be compact and concentrated and that transport routes within the CBD area should allow unhindered circulation of people and vehicles, but greater priority should be given to pedestrians. Another principle included was that it should be developed as a balanced mix of built-up and open spaces. In addition to transportation, there is provision for commercial blocks and public spaces. The development of the new CBD should have started in 1995 and was to take place in three phases (1995 - 2003; 2004 - 2009 and 2010 - 2015). The proposed land use structure is shown in Table 22.7. Access to the CBD will be provided from existing and planned roads: the former include P.G. Matante Road, Nelson Mandela Road and Molepolole Road; the latter is the proposed Khama Crescent Extension. The CBD plan gives priority to public transport and pedestrians. ...read more.


To promote orderly development of land and to ensure there is no mixing of incompatible activities, the government has produced guidelines on the location of non-industrial activities in industrial areas. The activities allowed are those which provide an essential service to industrial processing such as repair, or which complement it, such as bands and post offices, laboratories and restaurants. However, other commercial uses, referred to as 'restricted' uses, are also allowed in industrial areas. These include filling and service stations, motor dealers, hardware and furniture shops, clinics, and printing and publishing. RESIDENTIAL Land use Gaborone, when planned at independence, was a segregated- but according to income. The socio-income groups constituted a polarization of development and were reflected in the standard of services provided to each area. However, in 1973, the government decided this policy unacceptable and introduced a policy of mixing areas of different types of housing. The policy was first accomplished in the Broadhurst area of the city. There are some areas in Gaborone, such as White city and Extension 4, the government was funding and assisting the town Councils, and the Botswana Housing Corporation, in building low-income housing. But later on the government adopted the site-and-service policy, which they provided for lower income groups. ...read more.

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