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GCSE Citizenship Studies 3280 (Short Course) Paper 2: Participating in Society

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Appendix 1 - Internal assessment front sheet and response form GCSE Citizenship Studies 3280 (Short Course) Paper 2: Participating in Society Internal Assessment Front Sheet Centre No: 16709 Centre Name: The Grays School Candidate No: 0246 Candidate Name: Lauren Conway Candidates may continue on a separate sheet if necessary for any of the following sections. These sheets should be attached securely to this form and should clearly list the name and number of the centre and the candidate and the section for which the sheet has been completed. Description of Citizenship Activity a) Describe the activity ... - As a group we decided to investigate whether we could make a difference, and whether our voices could be heard, on an issue effecting pupils at the school we attend. The issue specifically was the current state of our uniform. - We chose this issue because we were concerned about the fact that so many young people were complaining, yet nothing was being done in what is supposed to be a democratic society. - Through our project, we hoped to actually make a difference, test whether democracy still exists, and see some improvements in uniform standards. - We hoped to go about achieving this aim by sending out a survey, and then arranging a petition. b) Describe your role ... ...read more.


Contribution by others Joanna drew up the survey, and had it sent around all the year 11 form classes, via her form tutor and our head of year. She then collected the results in, and we analysed them together. After this she went around with me, collecting the signatures and explaining to people what we were trying to do. She typed up the letter to the head teacher I had written, and made sure it got to him. After receiving a reply she then arranged the interview. She also attended the interview with me and helped voice the views of the majorities. Section Two: Activity Log List the separate activities in which you took part and how you revised or changed your plans at each stage. Analyse what was involved in each activity (the people involved, what you were trying to achieve etc.) Activity Group/Individual Date Planned the different steps of the investigation Me and Joanna 03-09-04 Drew up a pilot survey, and sent it out to only one year 11 form group. Me and Joanna 06-09-04 Drew up the proper survey and sent it out to all the year 11 form groups Joanna 15-09-04 Collected in the results of the survey and discussed them Me and Joanna 25-09-04 Wrote a short statement to go at the top of the signature sheet, explaining our aim Me 27-09-04 Went around collecting signatures from various people Me and Joanna 28-09-04 - 10-10-04 Wrote a letter to the head teacher explaining our aim and requesting a meeting. ...read more.


Description of how the support material and/or resources were used or produced. The documents were produced as we went along, in order to help us with our investigation. The first three items were produced by us, with the last being produced by the head master himself. Section Four: Evaluation Evaluation of own contribution to the activity I feel as though I contributed to a satisfactory level. As I've already mentioned, we worked through most of the tasks together, but I did the whole of the writing when it came to letters and proposals. I devised the main plan when it came to how we were going to present our findings to the head teacher. Overall I feel the investigation went well on my part, and I achieved everything I wanted to achieve as far as reality would allow. Evaluation of the contribution of others to the activity Joanna also contributed just as much as I did to the investigation, and I feel we worked well together towards our aim. She drew up the surveys, and ensured they were all sent out to the correct classes. She then took the time to collect the results as well, which we then used to assess the next steps. Jo also typed up all our letters and things we needed. Overall I felt our actual investigation was a success however we didn't really get our voices heard as we'd hoped. ...read more.

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