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Geo Somerset

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Geography Coursework: Somerset Somerset is in the South West of England. It is very close to Wales that if you are standing on a hill, then you can faintly see it. There are many different industries in Somerset like farming and agriculture, air control, home and garden, reclamation and wood working. The main places are Bridge water, Minehead, Porlock and Taunton. Background of Coasts A coast is the edge of the land, where it meets the sea. There are three types of erosion. Attrition is when rocks being carried by the coast smash together and break into little pieces. After a long time, they become smaller and then over time, they become even more smaller and are reduced to sand-like particles called silt. ...read more.


Attraction: The reduction in size and increased roundness of material resulting from continual impact with other particles. Longshore drift: Movement of sediment along the coast by wave action. The swash moves the material up the beach in the same direction as the breaking wave. The backwash moves material down the beach under the affect of gravity (usually at 90 degrees to the beach). Abrasion: The scraping and scouring, rubbing and grinding of materials by natural forces such as rivers and waves. The rate of erosion depends on the amount of material being carried and the resistance of the rock being eroded. Hydraulic action: The compression of air into small cracks resulting from wave pounding, which breaks rocks down. ...read more.


Methodology: Results: Shape GORE POINT HURLSTONE POINT Very Angular 5 0 Angular 23 1 Sub Angular 37 4 Sub Rounded 32 13 Rounded 39 72 Very Rounded 7 59 SIZE [CM] GORE POINT [WEST] HURLSTONE POINT [EAST] 0 - 2.5 0 3 2.6 - 5.0 1 53 5.1 - 7.5 2 70 7.6 - 10.0 18 23 10.1 - 12.5 35 1 12.6 - 15.0 27 0 15.1 - 17.5 23 0 17.6 - 20.0 24 0 20.1 + 20 0 Risk Assessment: Traffic: Car Park and road Grassy footpath - slippery and muddy Steep, rocky footpath - Hurlstone Point Uneven terrain - beach facets unstable Don not enter the sea - strong currents Crumbly cliffs - keep a safe distance Do not throw pebbles Groyne at Porlock weir - splintered wood Shut gates behind you Clothing and footwear - exposed location Medication - asthma inhalers, etc ...read more.

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