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Geography Castleton Coursework.

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Geography Castleton Coursework By Liam Kelly Introduction The Peak District National Park, where Castleton is situated was Britain's first National Park. It covers 1438 square kilometres (555 square miles) at the southern tip of the Pennines. 'Castleton' takes its name from the Norman Castle built here in 1086. Castleton in the Peak District National park is situated south west from Sheffield and south east from Manchester, Castleton lies towards the north of the National Park. It is 10 miles from Buxton, 16 miles from Sheffield and 27 miles from Stockport. Half of the population of England live within 60 miles of the Peak Park and along the A6187. The A625 road, passing through Castleton, runs the length of the Hope Valley but since 1976, has been closed to the west of Castleton by the landslip at Mam Tor. The Winnats Pass remains as the only road to the West. Use is restricted to light traffic, so heavy traffic no longer goes through the village. The Mam Tor road will not be reconstructed and plans to build a new road through Pindale have been shelved. ...read more.


Peveril dug a breach in this ridge to create a moat which had a wooden bridge across it. Sadly, this bridge has gone and not been replaced. The Castleton entrance leads in through the remains of a gatehouse which was built in the 12th century and into the main courtyard of the castle. Around this is the remains of a curtain wall, which was constructed in early Norman times by the Peverils, and includes Roman tiles which presumably were taken from the ruins of the Roman fort at Navio (Brough). Dominating the site are the remains of the keep, which was built by Henry I in 1176 and is relatively well preserved. The keep was originally about 60 feet high and was faced with fine gritstone blocks, which still remain on the east and south sides. It dominates the view across both Castleton and Cavedale below. Inside the courtyard it is possible to trace the foundations of a Great Hall and kitchens and other buildings, but it is the view across the surrounding countryside which is the finest feature of the visit. ...read more.


This chart shows that when the tourists have arrived in Castleton how long they stay in the town. There are over 3,500 footpaths in the Park providing a total of over 2,000 miles of tracks and paths. Increased heavy use by walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers has led to considerable erosion of paths in many areas. Improvement schemes such as resurfacing paths in local stone or re-routing certain paths have been necessary to halt the damage caused. Some of these measures will only provide a temporary solution if the number of visitors continues to increase at the rate it is currently doing so. This is a house that is being sold on www.saxtonmee.co.uk and is one of the cheapest houses at current being sold around the Castleton area. Castleton-4 Bed Detached House Offers Around �395,000 This proves that Castleton is a honeypot because house prices are extortionate because of the great demand to live in the area; also people may want to buy the property to convert into a business, which will be highly profitable in the spring and summer season. Liam Kelly ...read more.

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