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Geography Course Work - St. Albans

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Geography Course Work St. Albans The CBD Introduction At the heart of any town or city is the central business district (CBD). As its name suggests this contains many of the business headquarters, specialised shops and department stores entertainment and a few areas of open space. Therefore the sphere is a lot larger for the CBD than for the rest of the settlement. As the CBD is in the centre of the settlement it is the first part of the town to form and then in theory the rest gradually grows outwards. This was the suggestion of a man named Burgess whose modal is shown below: Many settlements are formed in this manner, for example the town of St Albans has a CBD which I believe to be located along the street St Peters street and to have gradually grown out from there into this shape. There are many ways in which the CBD can be located, one of which is the CBD intensity index. This is done by deriving which grid squares contain the highest percentage of CBD functions, for example a grid square containing 75% CBD functions is more likely to actually be located in the CBD than one containing 40% CBD functions. To do this one must decide which functions are usually found in the CBD and which are found else where, for example a bank is a CBD function as they are normally located in the centre of a town, however an estate agent isn't as, more often than not it is, located else where. Hypothesis I think that the CBD intensity index will show that the CBD is along the centre of St Peters street, therefore the highest percentage of CBD functions will be found along St Peters street. ...read more.


When taking down the names and functions of each building we also noted the meter frontage by measuring the number of strides that each building consisting of, and the height of each building by counting the number of storeys. We displayed this data by entering it into a table so each result is clearly shown. Interpretation and Analysis. This data obviously shows us that the functions along the east and west side of the high street are rarely more than three storeys or less than two and the meter frontage ranged from four to twenty-seven. The prices of the buildings varied, as the price is dependent on the size and location of the premises. The larger the building and the closer to the centre of the CBD the more expensive it will be as the more stock it will be able to hold, the more customers will pass the premises and the more business it will get. Therefore the further away from the CBD and the smaller the premises the cheaper it will be. Pedestrian counts. Method. To do this we chose certain points on St Peters Street to count the number of pedestrians. We made these points of equal number and in the same position on each side of the street to make it fair. We did it by standing stationary at a certain point and counting every person who went in either direction past us during three minutes. We did this at ten locations on each side of the street; we did them as quickly as possible so that all the results were taken at approximately the same time (about one 'o' clock) to make it a fair test in seeing where the people were located. ...read more.


Albans to do their weekly shopping, but people also were there for tourist, work and education purposes. The fact that people had travelled as far away as from Kent shows that St. Albans has a very large sphere of influence as people will travel a large distance to get to St. Albans, not just because of its shopping facilities but also because of its Cathedral and its history. Although some people came from far away to get to St Albans they also came from very close, this is shown as some people visit St. Albans everyday for school or work. In general people found it very easy to park, and gave the facilities and cleanliness of the town very good ratings. They also must think a lot of St. Albans because they keep coming back. Land use Limitations. This investigation was, for the most part, very accurate as there were no problems in noting down the functions of the building. However, the key that has been used can be disputed as to the categories of some functions. Also the way of measuring the height and width of the buildings is not entirely reliable as you cannot insure that the strides are always the same even though the same person is doing them, and simply counting the number of storeys may not be completely accurate as the floors may be different heights. Nonetheless, I believe this investigation to give a good indication as to the structure of the CBD. Conclusion. The results show that the centre of the CBD is in the centre of St Peters Street and then stretches a little north but mostly south. We can see this, as it is this area that contains the highest prices, and largest buildings, which are known to be located in the most popular areas such as this. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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