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Geography coursework: Analysis of Results Do the people of Droitwich want the lido removed?

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Geography coursework: Analysis of Results Objective 1: Do the people of Droitwich want the lido removed? From the results illustrated by the charts, graphs and diagrams shown in the presentation of data, there are many conclusions that can be drawn from the data. Starting with the questionnaire that was aimed at the High-school children, the results were very interesting, although somewhat expected as they are young and are at the stage of life where they take a 'care-free' approach to the way they live their lives, trying to make everything as fun as possible, if possible. This is quite apparent with some of the results that were obtained from the surveyed group of people. The data showed that an ICE RINK, was the most popular choice of replacement for the old lido with nearly 30% of the overall votes. Interestingly a RESTORED lido only managed to gain 14% of the votes, which shows that the young people wanted something a little more appealing to them, a little more fun in their minds because many of them when interviewed answered that there wasn't enough for young people to do in ...read more.


of them operating in droitwich, this is quite promising as, this sponsorship would help more funds to be raised from the lido and in turn raise the profit gained from it. Also, 41% of businesses said that they would sell lido branded merchandise in their own stores. This again would increase the profit turnover from the lido, which could be put back into the system to help fund schools, libraries etc and help droitwich to get back to its former lustre. It is also quite encouraging that 76% of people questioned were prepared to pay extra council tax to help fund the lido, and taking into account there are 18, 760 people in droitwich, more money can be put into the lido to get money out of it. This is interesting because it shows that a lot of people in droitwich are prepared to fund the lido and so they approve of the idea of a new lido being in the town. I think that the council of droitwich have to listen to these people because these are the people who are going to be using the lido and so it is their opinion that counts the most. ...read more.


it, because it will gather the community, provide younger people a place to go and stay out of trouble, and would attract a lot more people to droitwich, not just tourists, but people who want to make a life in droitwch, and that's why I feel the lido has to be replaced with a new one, sooner rather than later." Others that i had talked to, were saying pretty much what the lady previous was saying. So as far as the public of droitwich are concerned, a new lido has to be put in place. This is firmly backed up by the businesses operating in droitwich, which voted 86.2% for the idea that a new lido would attract more tourists to the town. Also, 61.9% of businesses said that this increase in tourists to the town, would benefit their own businesses. This is interesting as more money would be made from the lido, being put into businesses and this in turn could be put back in by the council to help regenerate other parts of droitwich, so from this alone, the possibilities are endless if a new lido is built. ...read more.

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