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Geography Coursework: London Docklands / Pimlico Quality of Life Comparison

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Geography Coursework: London Docklands / Pimlico Quality of Life Comparison Hypothesis 'The quality of life at the Boardwalk in Docklands is better than at Churchill Gardens in Pimlico.' Introduction To prove or disprove the above hypothesis, we must first attempt to define 'quality of life'. Put simply, it is how content people are with their lives and the environment in which they live. However, quality of life is much more than that, it encompasses not just a person's contentment, but the way they live and the place where they choose to live. There are many factors that contribute to 'quality of life', among them are crime, climate, background, education, access to transport and services, living conditions and employment. However, for the purposes of this investigation, many of these factors are immeasurable. This is what makes quality of life so hard to define and gauge - the fact that there are things which clearly have great worth to some but others take for granted, and also that many of the elements of quality of life can only be measured when compared to those of a different place. For example, the quality of life in a developed country will easily exceed that of a developing country, but the same developed country could have a lower quality of life when compared to an even more highly developed country. ...read more.


Experts from many different places with similar schemes were consulted and eventually their design came into being, in the form of the current estate. The estate itself seems atypical of the expensive Victorian houses that characterise the rest of Pimlico, but is even more densely populated. An old Victorian public house still survives within Churchill Gardens, as a symbol of the area's past. The estate remained roughly the same from when it opened up until the 1980s when a conservative government initiative entitled 'the right to buy' was started, allowing the residents to buy their own flats from the local council. Many people took up this offer, and lots of flats were bought up in large blocks by landlords seeking to make money from rent-paying tenants. Recently lots of money has been spent on regenerating the area, including the building of new youth sports facilities. This was much needed as the area was beginning to fall into disrepair, but is now one of the best estates in London to live on, having won numerous awards. First Impressions The vast size of the Churchill Gardens estate is what makes the biggest initial impact. The estate itself is made up of many tall blocks of flats, interspersed with green areas of grass and trees. The blocks are mainly constructed of bricks, metal and glass but because of their age look far from modern. ...read more.


Analysing data on average incomes and typical housing prices from the areas would have favoured Docklands, as would looking at data on residents' education and unemployment rates. Docklands is an area with huge promise for the future and the residents of Pimlico also have reason to be optimistic, but for different reasons. However, they are both very important areas that need to be supported and maintained as two of London's many interesting places. Background Information Docklands Evaluation This investigation could have benefited from a survey of local residents, as this can put forward interesting ideas from the people who know the area best. In the form the investigation eventually took it seems possible that the questions we asked may have been biased towards Churchill Gardens and did not fully take into account all the good points of Docklands. At the same time they may have highlighted the areas of Churchill Gardens which have been worked on most by the authorities. However, this could be seen as a good thing, showing that the Churchill Gardens authorities know what the most important areas are. As already mentioned, I believe that Dockland's higher average incomes would have reflected well on the area if we had tested this. However, this ultimately comes back to the initial question: what is Quality of Life? By the criteria used in this investigation Churchill Gardens was found to have a superior quality of life, but with different criteria Docklands may well have fared much better. 4 ...read more.

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