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Geography Coursework - Merry Hill

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Course Work Aims: The aim of my course work is to investigate if three shopping centres in the west midlands can be placed into shopping hierarchies. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that * Merry hill will have a bigger sphere of influence than Kidderminster and Dudley * Merry hill will have a better environment than Kidderminster and Dudley * Merry hill will have more comparison shops than Kidderminster and Dudley Justification of hypothesis: I predict that the settlements will fit in the following hierarchy. First Prediction: People will travel farther - I predict that Merry Hill will be at the top of the hierarchy because it is more accessible (roads, bus routes, railway links and motorway), it contains better facilities (shops, restaurants, car parks), it will also have high order goods. As Merry Hill contains all of the following, it will be at the top of the hierarchy. I predict that Dudley will be at the bottom of the hierarchy because it is less accessible than Merry Hill and Kidderminster, it has low quality facilities compared to Merry Hill and Kidderminster and it mainly supplies low order goods. ...read more.


To prove this I will carry out a shop survey, listing all the shops each settlement consists of. Geographical Information: Shopping habits have changed due to the new technology and, the higher prices of products having been introduced, meaning more and more people are likely to compare prices in different shops before buying anything, whereas before all prices were rather similar. More shops have also been introduced, which has also caused shopping habits to change. In the future shopping hierarchies may have totally changed. There is a possibility that the smaller shopping centres may slowly start to increase moving higher in the hierarchy. Also larger shopping centres may slowly deteriorate especially as there are so many shops all around that are closing down. The advantages of out of town shopping centres are: * Firstly, the shopping centres have a lot of comparison shops, so shoppers can buy the cheapest product. * As there are more shops in one area shoppers have a larger variety of products to choose from, so there are bound to be a larger number of comparison shops. ...read more.


At each location we completed 5 environmental surveys to access the quality of the environment. This was done by scoring the environment on a number of indi9cators on a sliding scale from (o-5), with 0 being poor and 5 being excellent. The surveys were taken at roughly equal spacing in each settlement and marked clearly on the map. The scores were our own personal feeling of the environment and may have been skewed by bad weather conditions and time of day i.e. rush hour. We listed all of the shops recording if they were comparison or convenience shops. We collected this data because it gave us an idea of whether the shops were mainly sold high or low order goods and it helped show us the sphere of influence of the location. Secondary Data: To support my primary data I collected background information for each settlement from the internet, I looked at bus routes for each settlement which would show the accessibility of the areas, I looked at maps of each area o show the size of each area and I collected data on the history of each settlement. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Course Work 2009 ...read more.

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