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Geography Courswork

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Geography Coursework This is the first part of my geography coursework; this coursework will be based upon the Ilford town centre and also an area which I choose. In this coursework I will describe the changes which have occurred in Ilford over the last decade, these changes include: * How the Ilford car park has changed into a multiplex cineworld * How there has been a diverse change in the local community within Ilford * How the shops have affected the local community and their own customers However to illustrate these changes I will be interviewing families in the local area which have been affected by the change, and also local shop areas. I will also be using a questionnaire to find out the views and thoughts of the local community and people who visit Ilford regularly. I will be questioning them about how the change in Ilford has affected them. I will also be comparing Ilford and my local area as it is in the vicinity of Ilford, this will show the differences and similarities between the two local areas. The main aspects which I will be comparing between the two areas are: * Land Use * Roads * Bus Service * Trains * Shops Over the last two decades Ilford has been through rapid changes, including the structure, commercial properties, population and one of the most noticeable changes is the transformation of the Ilford car park to a multiplex cinema. Above is a picture of the old Ilford car park on Clements road being transformed into a multiplex cineworld, which now includes 11 screens. The Ilford at present in contrast to the Ilford about two decades ago is very different. There have been many changes over the years; the main changes have been on Clements road, which was of the transformation of the car park. As Ilford was a rapidly developing area, a lot of changes were being made to the original town. ...read more.


Do you think that the crime rate has increased? Yes, I strongly think that the crime rate has increased a lot since all these changes took place. A lot of the violence and crime is caused by mostly teenagers and young adults. There a lot of thieves, fights and stabbing incidents recently, I believe this mostly because of the number of teenagers and young adults who come to Ilford now. All these people are attracted by the new shisha bars and newsagents shops, the shisha bars are places where they can all hang out and some of the newsagents sell alcohol illegally to underage people. As more people get attracted there are now groups of teenagers, and these groups end up fighting each other which causes violence and injuries. Alcohol sold b the newsagents motivates them more and slow there thinking down. Now the situation is so bad that there is police in Ilford at all times and I am always afraid to send my children out to play in this kind of harmful environment. Do you think that there is room for improvement? Yes, I think that this can all be improved however it will take quite a bit of time and this will only be possible if everyone works together in order to make this change. I also think that these newsagents' shops should be given a warning to prevent them from selling alcohol illegally. I also think that the new shisha bars should be closed or shisha should be banned in order to keep the teenagers away from creating any problems. I believe that a teenager should only be concentrating on their school work rather than going out everyday and doing shisha and drinking. Questionnaire As a part of my investigation I have created a questionnaire for the shop owners around the area, I have issued this questionnaire to an owner of a newsagent, Mr Patel and another one of the owners of a off licence shop, Mr Shamalji 1. ...read more.


Train Service The trains which terminate at both Ilford station and Chadwell heath station is the national rail service. Ilford station is comparatively the same, however there a few differences which are: * Ilford has security checks * Ilford has security guards * There are more platforms at Ilford station * Ilford is the main town centre that's why there is more security because the crime rate is more. There is no big difference between the two train services or any of the stations as the railway line which runs on it is the same one, and the train goes to London Liverpool Street via both of these places. So they are equally important. Shops Ilford: In Ilford there are many shops, and there are also all kinds of different shops with different category to what they market. There are little shops like newsagents, off-licenses, Indian shops and ice cream parlours. However there are also many big shops and stores such as Woolworths and other major stores within the shopping centre of Ilford exchange. There are two different parts to Ilford, one is Ilford lane where all the Indian and Asian groceries are sold, and also where most of the Indian restaurants are found. The other part of Ilford is the main centre, which is mostly for shopping or if you want to go cinemas. Here are most of the big brand names and also the exchange shopping mall. There also various new shops that have been opened most of these are new shisha bars, however they are now out of business as shisha has been banned. Chadwell Heath: As I have mentioned many times before, Chadwell heath is a fairly small residential area. There are only a few shops in Chadwell heath and most of them are situated on the high road of Chadwell heath near the station. Most of these shops are newsagents, off-licenses, bingo, and food shops. There are also some pubs around the main high road but not many attractions to see as this is only a residential area. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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