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Geography essay on the north sea gcse

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Sewage in the North Sea is a major pollution problem, as the population has increased, in the surrounding countries (Europe) there has been less and less space to dump rubbish. Land fill sites are almost full and many countries such as England don't recycle. Most of the waste that is not put in land fill sites is pumped out to sea. This causes the harmful chemicals to make the water deadly to any bathers or wildlife. There are some diseases in the water such as Typhoid and the short term effects that can be caught include skin rashes and eye infections. Many sewage pipelines were built years ago when people did not know about the effects of pollution and it was thought that the sea would dilute the sewage. Since then the amount of sewage has increased considerably and very often it is washed ashore by the incoming tide. Many countries believe that by taking the sewage and dumping it out at very far away deep in the North Sea, it will disperse and break down into smaller particles. ...read more.


The gas emitted from the factories becomes dense and changes form from to a liquid and goes into the sea. This pollutes the atmosphere and the sea. The toxic fumes contain harmful chemicals which have a pH numbers of 1 and 16. Radioactive waste is stored in water ponds next to nuclear power stations until it is considered safe enough for disposal. The waste is then released directly into the sea about 2km from the coast. The ocean bed is used for the dumping of high level nuclear waste. The liquid waste is sealed into glass, a process called vitrification, and stored in steel canisters containing concrete. These containers are dumped in the sediment on the ocean floor. In December 1983 large amounts of highly contaminated seaweed were washed up on the beaches near Sellafield and many kilometres of beach were officially closed to the public. The BNFL were prosecuted for allowing excessive radioactive leaks from the pipelines in which radio active material was transferred. ...read more.


They should ban all of the polluting in the river, by putting security cameras in the ports where the ships dock, and check the contents of any ship that leaves the port and comes into the port. However finding a conclusion is very difficult as some of the countries still believe that pumping waste far out to sea, it will disperse and cause no harm. These countries will not choose to believe any other sensible conclusion. The EU needs to work together and decide on one conclusion that all of the countries believe that is the right one. I think that my enquiry is effective as the issue on the North Sea is a major problem and it needs to be repaired as well as prevented, from getting worse. Some thing must be done about the situation. This may involve making changes in everyday life, for members of the public. My enquiry is not effective in the way that, the EU does not have sufficient funds to invest in this project, of cleaning out the cesspit of Europe. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pollution of The North Sea ...read more.

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