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Geography essay

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Intro Most LEDC'S have huge numbers of children being born and many of these countries are trying to do something about this. Because it is putting a great strain on resources causing a lack of food, lack of and quality of medical care also there is not enough basic education to go around everyone so this causes a low GNP because no one has the education to get a good job. To cope with these problems countries are making solutions for example china have made the one child policy and Indian are starting to sterilize women to cope with the over population of there countries. The world's population is expected to grow from around 6.6 billion to 9 billion in 2050. ...read more.


are used to enforce the policy. The policy is based on universal access to contraception and abortion. Eighty-seven per cent of all married women use contraception. (Ninety per cent of them use sterilisations.) Most women accept the method recommended by the family planning worker. Reliance on long-term contraception keeps the abortion rate low (25 per cent of Chinese women of reproductive age have had at least one abortion, as compared with 43 per cent in the United States). Abortions are sanctioned when contraceptives fail or when the pregnancy is not approved. Impact on population growth The fertility rate (mean number of children/woman) decreased from 2.9 in 1979 to 1.7 in 2004 (1.3 in urban areas, <2.0 in rural areas). This has resulted in urban families with predominantly one child and rural families with predominantly two children. ...read more.


* Make school education up to age 14 free and compulsory, and reduce drop outs at primary and secondary school levels to below 20 percent for both boys and girls. * Reduce infant mortality rate to below 30 per 1000 live births. * Reduce maternal mortality ratio to below 100 per 100,000 live births. * Achieve universal immunization of children against all vaccine preventable diseases. * Promote delayed marriage for girls, not earlier than age 18 and preferably after 20 years of age. * Achieve 80 percent institutional deliveries and 100 percent deliveries by trained persons. * Achieve universal access to information/counselling, and services for fertility regulation and contraception with a wide basket of choices. * Achieve 100 per cent registration of births, deaths, marriage and pregnancy. * Contain the spread of sexual viruses and diseases. . Comparison of the two countries India and china. ...read more.

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