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Geography Guidelines

Free essay example:

GCSE Geography

Course work

St Helier CBD

Guidance to help you produce your coursework

Your coursework accounts for 25% of your overall mark. It is a piece of work you complete yourself that is based on the collection, presentation and analysis of Geographical data. The basic guidelines you need to think about are:

  • 2500 -3000 words
  • The maps, graphs, tables diagrams, sketches and photographs.
  • The primary fieldwork that you have collected must be kept and                 included in your final project in an appendix section.
  • The study must be word processed and you can use spreadsheets, data bases, the internet and other ICT applications. Include all of your fieldwork in an appendix section.


        Your coursework will consist of the following sections:-

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Data presentation
  • Interpretation and analysis of the data
  • Conclusion.

What to put in the introduction

The introduction is a section at the beginning of your coursework that does the following:-

  • Gives some background details of the location
  • Describes and explains what the study is about and what it hopes to show
  • Identifies several key questions about the topic
  • Briefly gives an idea of how the information that is needed will be obtained

1 You need to give a little geographical background about Jersey (location, size, population, the nature of the economy etc), then a short summary about the importance of St Helier in relation to the rest of Jersey (what is its function, how big is it, what facilities and amenities it has, the character of the town etc) Include labelled and annotated maps to show the location of Jersey and the location of the town area .

2 Then you need to explain the purpose of this piece of work. Expand and develop the idea that a CBD is a distinctive land use zone that can be found in towns and cities and for St Helier you are attempting to find out things such as the size, shape and location of the CBD, how distinct the boundaries of the CBD are, the most effective method of delimiting the CBD, the extent to which the CBD is unique to St Helier (clone town or home town) and any evidence that it is changing. Better students might also develop the idea of looking for a “core and frame” area of the CBD

3 You will also need to briefly describe how you intend to collect the information and record it.

5 You should also try and give some justification for this study. Why should we be interested or bothered in being able to delimit the CBD ?


 6 Finally devise some key questions and a hypothesis that will enable you to reach some conclusions about the characteristics of the CBD

Here are some starting points:-







This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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