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Geography Introduction - Traffic on routes leading into Birmingham

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Introduction Birmingham is the second largest city in the whole of England therefore; it is a possibility that there will be a great deal of congestion of routes leading in and out of the city centre. Our investigation consists of four main aims, which my group intended to achieve. These aims will help me to establish whether my hypothesis is correct. * Firstly, I must find out whether traffic congestion does occur on routes leading into Birmingham. * Our next aim is to verify what the main source for causing the traffic congestion is. * Also I am required to assemble the evidence and interpret the data collected through my method and put into action. * Lastly, I will distinguish methods that could possibly reduce congestion throughout Birmingham. There are many reasons why people travel to Birmingham and some of these reasons are the main causes of traffic congestion on routes leading into Birmingham. ...read more.


From this map, we can see that it is at the centre point of most major access points into the town centre. Some of these access points are: * Broad Street (Worcester, Kidderminster, and Stourbridge) * A467 (Smethwick) * A34 (Walsall) * A46 (Coventry, Warwick) * A34 (Stratford) * A38 (Bromsgrove, Worcester) All of these roads will lead towards the Bullring, which encourages people to visit it, therefore increasing the traffic congestion within Birmingham. With these roads accompanying over 10 main places of commuting, it will obviously bring in large amounts of traffic congestion to Birmingham. Tourism:- Tourism within Birmingham is by far one of the most visited cities in the country for this purpose. Bullring, which is mentioned above, is also one of the main reasons why commuters visit the city and with its spectacular building design of Selfridges; there is no reason not to visit. ...read more.


THE NIA The NIA is positioned amongst many main roads including: * A457 * A41 * A38 * A45 This makes it easily accessible to the public and since it is in a prime location, many shows will take place at this venue. We can interpret from the map that the NIA is in the centre of many main roads, which circulate it. In the case of a popular show being staged at this arena, there can be an expectation of huge amounts of traffic congestion on these routes that lead into the city centre. THE NEC ARENA The NEC arena is in the perfect location for intentional superstars who are expecting to perform in this huge arena. The reason for this is that the NEC is a mere three miles from Birmingham International Airport and a train station. The NEC is situated alongside the M42 and near the M6, however the main concern of congestion is along the "Coventry Road". ?? ?? ?? ?? Omar Chaudhry 11MWE Mr Taylor Introduction ...read more.

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