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Geography Investigation

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Methodology The reason for this geographical investigation is so that I can accept or reject this hypothesis: There is a negative relationship between pedestrian flow and environmental quality and they both increases as you get closer to Swansea's CBD Sub-aims to investigate 1. How does pedestrian flow change in different areas of Swansea. 2. Why have the pedestrians come to Swansea's CBD 3. Is there a correlation between the land use and environmental quality/pedestrian flow. 4. How does the environmental quality/pedestrian flow/land use change when looking at a different area, like East Grinstead. Reason for investigation I have chosen this area to investigate because I find looking at how towns/cities are formed and grow interesting. The reason that towns/cities grow is to sustain the needs of the population but while doing this I want to see if the sprawl causes detriments to the environment. The impact on the environment is also affected by how the town is managed (for example if litter is removed). This issue is current as places are always changing and Swansea will represent a major city with a population of 228,000 whereas East Grinstead will give a different outlook, as it is a small rural town with a population of 29,000. The reason that I have chosen two areas that are very different is so that I can compare the results and see any differences. This will also give me the chance to use a comprehensive range of data collection techniques, some of which I will design myself, to reject or accept my hypothesis. Sequence of Investigation This is the format that I intent my investigation to follow: To begin with I would have to do some background reading to identify the main ideas and features associated with the areas that I will come to investigate. For this I could use text books, exercise books, and the internet. Then outlining my investigation further I will have to choose a hypothesis, which is a statement that I can test by collecting data to accept or reject it. ...read more.


We will both walk on opposite sides of the street so that both sides of the road can be surveyed, mainly concentrating on the ground-floor usage. The reason that I carried out a land use survey is so I could see the quality of the housing and other building around. These are all factors that could change the amount of pedestrians in the CBD because if there is little work in Swansea, for example, there will be less people living there and they will be less wealthy. This may affect how many people are in the CBD either working or just simply shopping. Also wealthier people are more inclined to keep their property and surrounding area in good condition and so this could also be a reason for any areas to have a low environmental quality. When coming to a conclusion I may be able to see that it is indeed the fact and this will then support that claim. Code Number Code Letter 1 Residential T= Terraced, B= Bungalow, S= Semi, D= Detached, F= Flats 2 Industrial M= Manufacturing, B= Building and construction 3 Commercial S= Shops, B= Banks, O= Offices, G=Garages 4 Public buildings C= Churches, L= Local government, O= Others 5 Transport B= Bus Station, R= Railway 6 Entertainment P= Pub/Club, C= Caf´┐Ż, H= Hotel 7 Open space CP= Car Park, P= Parks 8 Unused V= Vacant buildings, W= Wasteland 2. Environmental Quality Survey Criteria 1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B 10 11 12 A B C D E F G H I J Total score /50 Whilst walking along route B, I will use the table below to access the street/environmental quality in the immediate vicinity (within 15 paces) of each location on the transect shown on the map. There are 12 sites equidistantly placed which have been systematically pre-selected on maps A1/A2/A3. Street Quality Score (1-5 scale) ...read more.


This data collection technique is relevant to my investigation as I will be able to see which areas have more cars going through them and this will then just give a general consensus as to how busy it is. Another reason is because cars can cause damage to the environment and cause great congestion. This could then help me to form reasons behind environmental quality when it comes to my conclusion. This is a survey that I have introduced into my investigation to make it more complete and further help me to accept or reject my hypothesis. 6. Annotated Photos A good way to illustrate a point is with photos so at each location (12), marked on the maps A1/A2/A3, I will take photos of things showing any litter, vandalism and the different buildings. The reason that I need to take pictures all along my route is to show how they change. This method of data collection is therefore relevant to my investigation, as when I have annotated them, I will be able to compare them. The annotations will include any keys points. Also the advantage of taking photos is that if you keep looking at them you will see things that you may have missed otherwise. The pictures will correspond to the surveys that I will do. Secondary Data Collection 7. East Grinstead For my secondary data collection I am going to conduct exactly the same surveys that I did on Swansea on East Grinstead. This will give me a different place to compare it to. There are many factors that mean that Swansea and East Grinstead are different, for example, Swansea has a much larger population, Swansea is in Wales whereas East Grinstead is in the South of England, ect. Although the tables for recording the data will be the same the maps will be different. The maps that I will use for East Grinstead are below. Another difference is that there are only 10 locations on the map instead of 12. ?? ?? ?? ?? Victoria Latham ...read more.

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