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Geography Lake District Coursework - Introduction

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Lake District Coursework The benefits of tourism outweigh the negative impacts in the Ambleside area Introduction During this study I shall be analysing the hypothesis 'The benefits of tourism outweigh the negative impacts in the Ambleside area' I will be undertaking this investigation using primary fieldwork and secondary research. This will help me conclude whether the benefits of tourism outweigh the negative impacts. This map shows the location of Ambleside (shown as A on the map which is in the Lake District. As shown in the map above Ambleside is located in the north west of England in Cumbria. Ambleside is what is known as a honeypot area, this means that it attracts a lot of visitors and tourism. ...read more.


Social Positives * More amenities * Some tourists may be friendly * There is more diversity in the community * There are more services such as car parks Social Negatives * More noise in the area * Places may become more over crowded * Some tourists may be unfriendly, some locals may be unfriendly to tourists * Locals may get pushed out when people buy second homes Economic Positives * More jobs * An influx of jobs * More money will go to local people * The recession means less people will go abroad and more will visit places like Ambleside * Older houses would be worth more with more people buying second homes Economic Negatives * Jobs are seasonal * The council has to invest in tourism * More ...read more.


Is traffic congestion a serious problem in Ambleside Yes Roads in Ambleside are narrow and there is a one way system. There is a high population for the size of the area but the congestion is quite seasonal. Has the quality of the Lake District environment been damaged by tourism? Yes There is more congestion especially in summer when more tourists visit, There is more footpath erosion and uneducated tourists who might accidentally damage the environment by leaving gates open, or trampling things. Is housing very expensive for local people due to the second home markey Yes Because jobs in Ambleside are quite seasonal that means the wages are seasonal and the wages are lower compared to other regions, and what other people could be able to pay for a house. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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