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Geography Methodology. What are the land uses of the CBD of Rugby?

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Methodology The Transects 5 transects were chosen across Rugby CBD for the project. These transects were chosen because they crossed/went along main roads/main pedestrian walkways through the central business district. 5 were chosen because a significant number was needed to get an accurate picture of Rugby CBD, as just 2/3 transects could not cover the variety of areas in Rugby CBD. See a map with the transects on below (fig. 1). What are the land uses of the CBD of Rugby? The land uses of the central business district of Rugby would help me to determine whether the land uses of Rugby fit the core frame model. To do this, 5 transects would have to be drawn up [see above] that stretched out of Rugby CBD in several different directions, covering the presumed zones of discard and assimilation - presumed by scientific bios. ...read more.


However, 10 minutes wasn't chosen as it would take a very long time. The survey was done to show whether certain areas of Rugby had a higher pedestrian flow than others - e.g. if the high order retail areas had a higher pedestrian flow, or lower. A tally chart was made to count the number of people that went past on each transect, and a stop watch was used to time the five minutes, ensuring the survey was accurate. What is the building quality like in the central business district of Rugby, and how does it change with distance from the CBD? For this question, a survey had to be done on the building quality of Rugby within the central business district. ...read more.


This point was chosen by taking the centre of the CBD, and deciding an equal distance along each transect that was also by a road (as for some of the transects most of it was in pedestrian only areas). The amount of cars, vans and public transport vehicles were counted on each transect of a period of five minutes, timed by a stop clock. 5 minutes was used as the time period as a time length of 1 minute would not provide as accurate results, and 10 minutes would be too long. Each transect had its own tally chart and table so that the results could be compared and would easily display the differenced between the transects regarding the amount of traffic flowing through each area and also what kinds of traffic is flowing - cars etc. Fig. 1 (Map with transects) Fig. 2 (Map) Fig. 3 (Building Quality survey) Jade Hartwell 11HT Geography Coursework ...read more.

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