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Geography methodology

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Methodology Method Why required How it will be carried out Pedestrian count (teacher- led method). To identify how busy different parts of the city centre are. So we can see which areas and times are busiest in the city centre. Twelve sites have been chosen at 100m intervals from the city centre. People were counted for 5 minutes at different times of the day. (See methodology map). Questionnaire (individual method). To get information about shopping habits and views about shopping quality. A questionnaire was designed using Pinpoint. 5 people will be chosen randomly at each of my location points. Environmental quality survey (teacher-led method). To recognize which areas have improved and degraded since the redevelopment of Princesshay. ...read more.


I will annotate a land use map of Exeter's CBD and show their type e.g. High order goods. With a key. As part of this coursework I am going to investigate my hypothesis. 'The Princesshay development has increased the number of people visiting the CBD.' The method I'm going to use to investigate my hypothesis is a questionnaire on Pinpoint. My questionnaire comprised of 5 different questions. I also carried out a Bus and bicycle count as another of my own methods. The reason for these counts were to establish whether the new Princesshay development has affected the environment of Exeter's CBD and encouraged people to be more environmentally friendly by using public transport or bicycles. ...read more.


Finally we all carried out a Land use survey (attached). This map shows all the shops and their category e.g. financial services. This will help to illustrate the types of business in and around Exeter's CBD. Land use survey My land use survey shows the use of land in Sidwell Street, Fore Street and The High Street. You can see that the High Street is comprised of mainly high order retailing, banks and catering. Moving out to Sidwell Street there are more flats and public administration. Fore Street is made up of mainly specialised retailing. We can see that there is only one entertainment building which is the Odeon cinema situated on Sidwell Street. Photographs ?? ?? ?? ?? Sarah Amor 10cs Geography coursework Friday June 6th 2008 ...read more.

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