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Geography Oral Presentation on the exploitation of the Rainforest.

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GCSE Geography Oral Presentation Welcome to my GCSE Geography Oral Presentation on the exploitation of the Rainforest. Rainforests are dense, warm and wet forests where millions upon millions of plants and animals can be found. Rainforests are very important to human life as they generate most of the oxygen we need. The majority of tropical rainforests are found between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of cancer, which is roughly 1,500 km either side of the equator. They are found in countries such as Brazil, and continents such as Africa and south East Asia. STOP : PICTURE...here is a picture of where the rainforests in the world are. These tropical rainforests usually almost have constant rainfall and get around 2 meters of rainfall over a year. This is about 1 1/2 inches of rain each week. The reason for this rainfall is to do with convectional thunderstorms. ...read more.


Global weather changes will be created, with global warming melting the ice caps, sea levels will rise leading to more flooding to low flat lying countries, such as Bangladesh. It would also lead to more typhoons, tornados and extreme temperature changes to the whole world, with longer drought in Africa and longer colder winters in north Europe. STOP! TORNADO PICTURE HERE!!!! Local communities that will lose out include Indian groups, which have lived in the rainforests for thousands of years. They will lose land, which has been cleared, and lose the resources that used to be there. They would have to compete for food with the newcomers, they would have no immunity to diseases such as flu and if these diseases are passed on, deaths could happen. The water could also become polluted with mercury from gold prospecting, which would lead to deformity in unborn babies. ...read more.


I would also put a limit on how much rainforest could be cut down per month or year. If this was passed, the logging companies could be fined, and with the money generated, it could go on planting more trees. I also think encouraging people to recycle more would be cost effective and an easy way of dealing with this problem. There could also be more parks created everywhere in the world where new trees are planted to help grow the population of forests covering the world surface. More importantly, I think anything should be done to preserve the rainforests. PICTURES! Questions they might ask: Convectional rainfall occurs when moist air is made to rise by heat from the sun. As the air-cools, it condenses and forms huge storm clouds. These give heavy rain. Groups that win: Brazilian government - bringing in money to the country to invest in healthcare and education etc. Groups that lose: Everyone, because no matter who you are, eventually the exploitation of the rainforests will affect you such as weather extremes ...read more.

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