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Geography (part of coursework) - House price investigatiom

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House Price Investigation To investigate the main hypothesis, the 2nd of the 3 sub-hypothesis is "House Prices increase with the distance from the city centre." To test this hypothesis, I made use of the internet to find out the prices according to each zone from this site - www.nethouseprices.com. The method I used was as following: - firstly, I went on the site and clicked on search, afterwards I came across Figure 1. After that, I typed the names of the streets that I was going to use to find out their average house price I used 10 streets from each zone to find out the average house price total. ...read more.


Figure 2 shows one of the streets I used in order to find out the average house price total for Zone 1. After filling in the details I clicked on Search. Figure 3 shows what the site displays after clicking on Search. Like this I gathered 10 streets' total average for each zone in a table. Figure 4 shows 1 of 5 tables. Zone 1 Street/Road/Avenue/Close/etc. Average Price 1 Niklaus Road �113,773 2 Broxburn Close �104,200 3 Invergarry Close �106,833 4 Jacklin Drive �137,136 5 Braemar Drive �146,242 6 Badminton Road �133,500 7 Strathaven Road �154,250 8 Townsend Close �127,357 9 Silverstone Drive �105,667 10 Gregson Close �158,500 �128,746 The following page shows all the tables I used. ...read more.


Zone Average Total Prices 1 �128,746 2 �106,076 3 �83,246 4 �77,913 5 �69,274 The range of the prices for Zone 1 and Zone 5 is approximately half! The reason for such a differentiation of the house prices might be because of the environmental criteria around the houses. In Zone 1 the surroundings is on a really high standard as it has newer big detached/semi detached houses, big front & back gardens, no vandalism, very little litter around and hardly any disturbances from the traffic meaning barely any noise disturbance either. Taking all of this into account has an impact on the house prices as the better the location's environmental criteria the higher the house prices. ...read more.

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