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Geography-Theory for Urban Zones-Shopping Hierarchy

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The Theory Shopping Hierarchy Firstly I will talk about the shopping hierarchy. The shopping hierarchy system works by highest being at the top that means that is has increasingly higher- order goods with comparison and specialist shops and this in one city centre. At the top of the hierarchy are more likely and more willing to travel longer distances as they people target and focus on particular item. The reason people do that is because the shop are specialised and for that reason people attend to The Central Business District's (CBD) less consistently. On the other hand at the lower end of the hierarchy the complete opposite happens. It sells low-order, convenience good and is in many small corner shops in the suburbs. ...read more.


Then the lower section of the middle section has numerous suburban shopping estates. This theory in may be opinionated as out dated bearing in mind it was made in 1960s/70s. Now at the top is the a new category all together called regional shopping centre and out of town superstore like Bluewater because of improved mobility for example :the result of increased car ownership and more advanced London transport people can travel further to shops, visit shops with a broader range and quantity of stock and buy in larger sizes. I agree with this opinion because it is current dated and because the old theory will have changed. Also because of the way transport is dramatically advancing people can reach places easier than 40 to 30 years ago. ...read more.


So putting this theory in practise by putting it in the area this study is located. According to the therapy it says it Bluewater, has affected central London's CBD, Bexleyheath, Woolwich and corner shop negatively. Some ideas were influenced by: http://www.geography.learnontheinternet.co.uk/topics/hierarchy.html In collusion the diagrams of the shopping hierarchy shows what really is going since in really seem to go in accordance in what is going in the study area. Prove of this is this that suburban shopping centres selling middle order to high order goods seems to fit Bexleyheath's description as it advertises a large number of high and low order goods. Again providing evidence the trueness the theory as Woolwich matches suburban shopping parades sell mainly medium order goods. Once more this seems to fit as here there are many convenience stores, and comparison stores are often selling cheaper versions of expensive goods. ...read more.

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