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Geogtaphy Methodology

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In this part of my coursework I will explain how I will collect my results to prove my hypothesis, "Guiseley is a secondary shopping centre". During the summer term our class has several opportunities to go out to Guiseley to look at the different shopping areas in Guiseley; these include Otley Road, Oxford Road, West Side Retail Park and Guiseley Retail Park. On our trips down we shall complete a traffic count, questionnaire, transport map and shop count shop. This shall all be put in my data presentation section of my coursework. When we were collecting data in Guiseley we did many different assessments of the different shopping areas. On our first trip we walked around the four main shopping areas of Guiseley and tallied up the different shops (high, low, medium and service shops) ...read more.


We can then use this information to create four charts showing us the sphere of influence for each area. This will help us decide if Guiseley is a secondary shopping centre as different types of shops attract larger of smaller numbers of people. Question 2: How did you travel to Guiseley today? (a)Walk (b)Car (c)Bus (d)Train (e) Other This question will tell us the types of transport used to travel to each area; we can then compare this information to the facilities nearby e.g. Guiseley train station and Car parks and see if there is a correlation. We can also compare it to where they live and see how far people travelled with each mode of transport. This will allow me to see if the methods of transport fit in with secondary shopping centres. ...read more.


Question 6:What services do you use in Guiseley? (a)Banks/Building societies (b) Post office (c) estate agents (e) others (please specify) This will help me find out why services are in each area of Guiseley and how many people use them, this will also help me understand my sphere of influence charts as services affect how far people are willing to travel to shop. Question 7:Which age group are you in? (a)Under 21 (b) 21-40 (c) 41-60 (d) 60+ The age of the people in each area would depend on which shops there were because different shops attract different age groups; this will also show us what the average age of people visiting Guiseley is. This will help me prove my hypothesis as secondary shopping centres should appeal to a wide range of people. This information will be used to prove my hypothesis "Guiseley is a secondary shopping centre" Rebecca Cowling ...read more.

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