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Global warming.

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Global warming background Global warming is threatening the world! Global warming's affects have already begins to show clear patterns. But a cure is not unachievable, but within range. Most of the heat-trapping gases come from: power plants and vehicles. Organizations all over the world are working for a law that forbids these things. By changing the awareness of the public about global warming from abstract threat to pressing reality more organizations can come about and press businesses to use less energy and build more efficient products and by fighting for laws that will speed these advances. Together, these actions form a practical, economical approach to solving this urgent problem. Global warming is caused by the release of too much heat trapping gasses, mostly from cars and power plants. The most dangerous gas that is released is carbon dioxide, but there are also other gases like methane, nitrous oxide and CFS (which comes from plastics sprays and fridges) that humans release too much of and is dangerous to the nature. The greenhouse affect works in a pretty simple way. The nature is supposed to work like this: the solar radiation (heat) should hit the earth and then bounce of and reach the ozone layer. At the ozone layer most of the solar radiation is suppose to disappear into space and some is supposed to bounce back to the earth. ...read more.


Some people might say, oh how wonderful with some warm weather and some might say no thanks. Those people are not aware of what global warming does to you in the long term. People might think right now "oh I don't care about global warming, as long as I don't need to freeze, I'm happy." But then there are those people who really think about the planet and how we are slowly and painfully killing the thing that holds us up. Existence of global warming There are many theories that talk in favour of global warming. There are also a few evidences for it. First of all it is well known that there are more factories now than a few years ago. The fact that factories still are producing CO2 is still among us. It's obvious that it is a waste product for humans as we also exhale the compound. As there are more factories that produce CO2 there is also more CO2 in the atmosphere. It has been scientifically proven that CO2 is a heat trapping gas. Therefore common sense says that if there is more heat trapping particles in the air, more heat is going to be trapped and therefore it is going to be hotter. By looking at the graph to the right you can also see that during the last 120 years the temperatures has gone up with 1,4 degrees. ...read more.


The grey wolf has seen a dramatic reduction in its numbers. The grey wolf which can adapt many climates and areas has been reduced from numbers as high as 700000 to a mere 6000. The numbers of the beautiful animal have dropped so dramatically because of the colonization of areas of the wolf's habitat. For example the wolves used to live in all 52 of Americas states and now it only lives in 4 of them. Other reasons for the wolves' disappearance include the killing of the animals by farmers who have had stock killed by the wolves and also there are too few wild animals for the wolves to survive on. The animal is also a very mythical beast and it features in many American folk myths. This is another reason for its disappearance as the legends say that it is a mythical beast and a night killer. You can help save the wolves by adopting them as a pet you can do this from many organizations and you usually get details of the wolf you have sponsored. Take care of the environment. Help saving the world. Do not let global warming take over our world risking the ice to melt and all cities to get overfilled with water. Weather http://www.ipcc.ch/ http://www.gdrc.org/uem/ http://mysite.freeserve.com/Save_The_Environment/page2.html http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Andes/9520/ http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761578504 http://archive.greenpeace.org/~comms/nukes/chernob/rep02.html http://archives.greenpeace.org/~nuclear/ http://www.snf.se/svara-mig-1.htm http://www.greenpeace.org/international_en/campaigns/intro?campaign_id=3937 http://yosemite.epa.gov/oar/globalwarming.nsf/content/index.html http://www.usgcrp.gov/ The New Wider World Book Encyclopaedia Britannica SE ?? ?? ?? ?? Jakob Stawiarz 9c ...read more.

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