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Global warming.

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Global warming Fact: Earths average temperature has risen by over 1/2% in the last 100 years. The years since 1980 have been the hottest on record. What is Global Warming? Global Warming is the increase in the Earth's average temperature, which then causes changes in the climate for example a warmer Earth, may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and it may have an effect on plants, wildlife and even humans. Scientists say that global warming is caused by us humans by using too much of carbon dioxide in our daily routine. Is global warming occurring? According to Accu-Weather, the world's leading commercial forecaster, "Global air temperatures as measured by land-based weather stations show an increase of about 0.45 degrees Celsius over the past century. This may be no more than normal climatic variation. Several biases in the data may be responsible for some of this increase." Satellite data indicate a slight cooling in the climate in the last 18 years. These satellites use advanced technology and are not subject to the "heat island" effect around major cities that alters ground-based thermometers. ...read more.


On cloudy nights temperatures do not drop as low on clear nights. This is because the clouds act as a blanket and trap some heat. The green house gasses also act as a blanket, as they prevent the heat to leave at night in to the solar system. This blanket allows heat to enter but only allows a little bit to leave. This layer of gasses is known as the o-zone layer. Causes of Global Warming The key contributors to global warming are carbon dioxide and other pollutants released in to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the main pollutant released into the atmosphere it comes from road vehicles and by burning fossil fuels in power stations, in factories and in the home. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) from aerosols, air-conditioners, foam packaging and refrigerators. These are the most damaging of the green house gasses. Methane is released from decaying organic matter such as peat bogs, swamps and waste dumps. Nitrous oxide is given out from car exhausts, power stations and agricultural fertilisers. When do you send green house gasses in to the air? ? Watch television ? Use the Air Conditioner ? Turn on a Light ? Use a Hair Dryer ? ...read more.


Climate change may adjust the world's habitats and ecosystems. Animals may not be able to live in extremely hot temperatures all the time and habitats may be lost to the animals that do not live in the sea but live near the beach. Global warming may make the sea level to rise. This is because warmer weather makes snow caps melt in the Polar Regions, and if these melt they would add more water to the sea. Warmer temperatures make water expand. One thing that is good that the colder parts of the world may now be able to crow crops as before it was to cold and the climate was not right for the crop to be grown. What we should do in the future? Save electricity, when we use electricity we help put green house gasses in to the air by turning of lights and televisions off after use would be a great help. You can save energy by sometimes walking, riding a bike or taking the bus. If we plant more trees and cut down less would be help. This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is the main green house gas. ...read more.

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