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Global warming a threat to the environment

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Global Warming, a threat to the environment The Bible states that if we harm the earth, God will require it at our hands. Man has invented all sorts of devices which have aided humans in their quest for lighter and easier work, faster travel etcetera. Man's action is directly related to global warming which is threatening our environment. The atmosphere is something that is around us everyday, but do we really think about the changes that occur in it. It isn't that we just aren't paying attention, but more of the fact that it is hard to notice slight changes over long periods of time. Everyday gases are released into the air by all living materials. The gases in the air are used for many important things. For example, hydrogen is released by volcanoes, which can give energy to the cell; photosynthesis in plants take the gas carbon dioxide and create food and release oxygen; nitrogen is a gas used in our air, oceans, and solid earth, as an essential part of living things. Carbon dioxide is also involved in processes where it is stored as limestone and marble, as gas and oil and coal, and is in organic material in the soil. Not only do these gases make up our atmosphere, but they also keep the temperature of the earth stable. Carbon dioxide absorbs the radiation that would otherwise escape the earth. By adding oxygen and taking away carbon dioxide, results in the earth becoming cooler than it would otherwise be. These are just two of the many gases that make up the atmosphere we live in today. ...read more.


Methane also gets into the atmosphere from garbage dumps and coal mines. One potential methane source is the arctic tundra. The soil is very rich in peat which stays frozen year round. If global warming were to eventually melt this soil, it could release all of this methane gas that is in the peat and cause the greenhouse effect to become much worse. Nitrous acid, also known as laughing gas, is also a greenhouse gas. It comes from the burning of fossil fuels and from an automobile's exhaust. Not mush is known about how much is in the atmosphere, but it is to be taken very seriously. It causes many problems because it can stay in the air for more than a century. Since it can stay in the atmosphere for so long, it makes it very hard to get it out. Even if no more of nitrous acid is released into the air, whatever is up there will be there for over one-hundred years. The greenhouse effect can cause many impacts on the world we now know. One impact that it will have is it will cause a rise in temperature. This will probably occur greater at higher latitudes that are placed closer to the equator. The North and South poles temperatures may rise twice as fast as the temperature of the average of the world's temperature. Another impact is the rising of the sea levels. As the temperature increases, the surface waters of the ocean will slowly warm causing the sea water to expand. This expansion is known as thermal expansion which is where as water is heated it expands and takes up more space. ...read more.


We have to have our "beef", garbage is just something that comes from everything, and many people depend on rice paddie farms. Nitrous acid can be regulated through the same ways as carbon dioxide can be eliminated. The burning of fossil fuels also releases nitrous acid, so by conserving energy it too can be reduced. The only thing is that it will take 100 years to cleanse itself from the atmosphere. Until then, it will still eat at the ozone and cause it to thin. The only way to help prevent global warming is to work together. The whole world has to for once take action in order to succeed since it doesn't just affect one area of the planet, but the whole earth. Even if people won't cooperate, some how something must be done about global warming because the balance of Earth is in our hands. (Kyoto Conference). For hundreds of years humans have brought about huge changes in the environment. In our efforts to improve the quality of our lives, we have polluted the waters, the land, and the air. Usually we are not really aware of the consequences of our actions. Even if its brought to our attention, we just continue our lives like the earth will be able to recover from all the terrible things we do to it. Right now, it seems that our actions are catching up to us. The nature of our atmosphere has been irreversibly changed by our own hands. The greenhouse effect may be the most serious environmental problems the human race has ever experienced. Never before in recorded history have people been faced with the possibility of such dramatic and rapid environmental changes occurring on a global scale. ...read more.

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