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Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

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Austin Richardson Davis - 3 09/31/00 Honors Chemistry Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect In the science fair project, which I am going to be performing, has to do with global warming and the greenhouse effect. The definition of global warming is increase in the earth's temperature caused primarily by increased emissions of several gases into the atmosphere particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N20), ozone (O3), water vapor (H20). When these gases are trapping heat, they cause greenhouse effect. The definition of greenhouse effect is the role the atmosphere plays in insulating and warming the earth's surface. The problem that I have run into during study is to know is global warming will affect the world greatly on the environment or is it nothing to worry about. ...read more.


These will both be affected by the independent variables which are time and weather. No one has control over time and weather, that is why they are the independent variables and they also affect the outcome of the experiment. The atmosphere is not transparent, that is why the earth warms up. Since there are not as many trees and things to absorb the carbon dioxide, the temperature rises and humidity also rises. Procedure: 1. First, collect the materials that you will need for the experiment. These include the following: 2 two liter plastic soda bottles (washed out cleanly), scissors or box cutters, two long thermometers, Three strips of cardboard (1/2" x 1"), soil, sand, water (in spray bottle), plastic wrap, rubber bands (medium size), ...read more.


The other bottle will be left open and will be the control bottle. 7. Position the lamp approximately 20 to 30 centimeters above the bottles. 8. Record the beginning temperature for each bottle. 9. Turn the lamp on. 10. Record the temperature every minute for 15 minutes. 11. After you are finished recording the temperature, fraph your data by plotting the temperature on vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis. One colored pencil can be used to graph the experimental reading as a solid line and the control reading as a dotted line. Also, the use of the CBL and graphing calculator can be used to measure temperature. After following the procedure and drawing a graph, you should come to your conclusion about global warming and the greenhouse effect. ...read more.

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