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Global Warming Essay Arguing the Side: Humans Are Not The Cause

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Aaron Sacks 3/2/11 Period 4 Global Warming Essay Side: Humans Are Not The Cause Global warming is defined as an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures during a certain specified amount of time. Many people believe that global warming is caused by humans and the greenhouse gases and fossil fuels that they release in to the environment. Obviously, everyone has the right to their own opinion but only one opinion can be correct. I and many others believe that global warming is simply a trend, an event that takes place only once in a while but has a large affect on the community. Global warming is not caused my humans and the potential environmentally harming activities that they participate in. ...read more.


aren't the cause of global warming is the false trends between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the risings in temperature. The trends between carbon dioxide and the risings do show some correlation but this does not mean causation. Research has shown that the recent temperature spikes occurred before carbon dioxide spikes, meaning that carbon dioxide (a main greenhouse gas) was not the cause of the sudden heat. Another important piece of evidence is that water vapor is a large part of the greenhouse effect. Studies have shown that water vapor is about 95 percent of the greenhouse effect and that 99.9 percent of water vapor is from natural gases. ...read more.


As well, there are facts saying that if this warming period was driven by greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide that it would have had to have started around 1940 and then it would have slowly risen from there. Lastly, research has shown that warming started in 1850 and rose sharply until 1940 and then decreased for the next 35 years. All of these trends depict that there is no such thing as human made global warming and that global warming is a conspiracy filled with lies. Global warming is definitely not caused by humans, the facts speak for themselves. People on the other side of the spectrum have reasonable points to make, but the fact is that those points aren't true. The opposing side is mislead, but with a little guidance, they will discover, that global warming is out of the hands of human beings. ...read more.

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