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Global warming first emerged as a cause of global concern in the 1980's, a result of the apparent rise in global temperatures, believed to be due to human activities, such as burning of fossil fuels and destruction of forests.

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Global Warming Global warming first emerged as a cause of global concern in the 1980's, a result of the apparent rise in global temperatures, believed to be due to human activities, such as burning of fossil fuels and destruction of forests. There is debate as to whether global warming exists, as it could merely be another example of changes in temperature the world has seen over millions of years. It is important to distinguish global warming from the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon, without which human life would not exist on the earth. According to the New York Times article, dated January 23, 2001, in the most emphatic warning yet about the danger of global warming, scientists from ninety-nine nations meeting in Shanghai issued a report that shat sharply increased projected climate change blamed on air pollution and warned of drought and other disasters. The report, which could spur stalled world negotiations on curbing greenhouse gas emissions, said global temperatures could rise by as much as 10.5 degrees over the next century. ...read more.


Snow cover in the mid-and high-latitudes has been cut by 10 percent since the 1960's. This has benefited some countries because of the extended summer season due to high temperatures have increased revenue through tourism. The rate at which the sea level rose in the last century was ten times faster than the average rate over the last three thousand years. As a consequence of rising sea temperatures changes in the number of fish stocks and their location could have a significant impact on the fish industry. In certain areas however, fish stocks may increase. Rising temperatures may also cause an increase in diseases such as malaria, cholera and the recently discovered West Nile Virus. As a consequence of this, more money is needed to fight diseases thus posing an economic strain on governments especially in less developed countries. There is also a strain on medical services and the death rate may rise. Global warming also has the effect of relocating flora and fauna. ...read more.


Changing to nuclear power is one of the fastest ways of reducing carbon dioxide output. However, much concern exists over the safety of nuclear power, especially after the Chernobyl accident. Disposal of nuclear waste is problematic and the construction of new power stations is highly expensive. Another way is to increase tariffs on industry for emitting greenhouse gases, or price fuels so that their cost reflects the impacts that they have on the environment. This approach is often difficult to enforce effectively. Fines are often insignificant to large industries. Increase double- glazing and insulation in buildings to increase energy efficiency is yet another way of reducing greenhouse emissions. In the UK government legislation already exists, and new buildings now have a minimum of 20 percent increase in their energy efficiency. This approach is however difficult to oversee on a large scale. Some countries have limited the amount and rate of deforestation by provision of relevant management strategies. Implementation of this approach is difficult, especially when the destruction is widespread as in Amazonia. In conclusion evidence shows that global warming exists and human activities have enhanced and is are continuing to enhance the problem of global warming. ...read more.

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