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Global warming is a growing problem in the world but the sad thing is the people who are least responsible for Global warming are the ones that will suffer most.

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Global warming is a growing problem in the world but the sad thing is the people who are least responsible for Global warming are the ones that will suffer most.image07.jpg

Many things are going to be affected by global warming such as the weather. We will start to see major increases in freak weather such as hurricanes and tsunamis.

With the world expected to increase in temperature by at least 1 degree Fahrenheit.

This may not sound like much but it will have terrible consequences for our Earth including what I mentioned above.


What are the causes of Global warming?

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide the largest contributor to Global Warming. Carbon Dioxide is caused mainly through emissions through Electricity and Fuel. Carbon Emissions are also strong from Power Plants incidentally 40% of the emissions from the USA are from Power Plants.

Other Causes:


Increasing Water Vapour

Nitrous Oxide

City Gridlocks


Deforestation is a major problem in the world, the Amazon has nearly halved in size since the start of the deforestation work there began. Trees are a major part in our oxygen supply they take in our Carbon Dioxide which we breath out and they breath out oxygen for us to breath. This is a continual cycle but with the decrease of trees where will the excess of Carbon dioxide be going?

What will be the Consequences for the UK.

   Although Newcastle itself won’t get flooded, we will still feel the effects. We will probably start to have colder summers and probably much warmer winters. But because the earths climate is getting warmer doesn’t mean it is time to get out our shades and image09.png


With warmer winters you can say goodbye to snow on Christmas day! Heat waves will become much more common in the midlands but with colder seaside resort, which means the beaches will be like a swamp lifeless and desolate.

But here in Newcastle we could play a major part in stopping global warming so when you leave your telly on standby don’t think “I cant be bothered to switch it off.” Switching that of could help even though small it could help hugely if every body in Newcastle did the same thing. What about on a National scale how will we be affected.

These areas probably flooded due to being on the coast.

More economically developed countries contribute the most to Global warming with their emissions through cars and factories and other sources, but these countries will suffer the least. Countries like the UK and the USA have plenty of money to combat the threat that global warming could bring but even these countries will stand no chance when the world throws up what it can.image10.pngimage11.png

As you can

See here London will get severely flooded.

Less economically developed countries will suffer the most when global warming strikes even though they have contributed the least to the global crisis. These countries have not thrown out thousands of pounds worth of money at building factories that produce countless amounts of carbon emissions or pollute the earth with excessive use of transport. These people however will suffer the most is that fair?

We will probably see in the near future increased floods in Bangladesh but the worst of it is Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world they simply won’t have the money available to help combat the increase in floods. According to scientists nearly 1/3 of Bangladesh will be lost to the sea; Bangladesh currently has twice the population of the UK with half the land space, where will these people go? Nobody knows at this time but we must act now to combat global warming so these people don’t suffer as badly as they could do. image02.png


My name is James Pattinson and I am a student at Clayton hall Business language College. This leaflet is intended to encourage people to consider the possibility and consequences global warming could bring to the world.

Contact Information: Geographical Board UK TEL: 0800 98 5437

                                                                           Email: Board@bbc.co.uk

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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