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Global Warming: More like Global Warning

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Global Warming: More like Global Warning The United States by no means should consider complying with the Kyoto Protocols. My conviction in the negation towards passing this bill is that the whole Global Warming idea is highly blown out of proportion by politicians and the mass media. Global warming, as it may exist in the most gentle form, is the result of natural changes and could yield positive benefits. It is a predictable, quantifiable process. Thus the Kyoto plan is flawed in many ways. The actually origin of such ideas of global warming come to us from computer generated predictions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted in 1990 that there would be a 5 degree Celsius boost by 2100. The new 2001 report by the same firm has calculated a measly 1-degree increase. Why would the Kyoto panel suggest the most costly solution to the Global Warming? The reducing our use of fossil fuels. Seeding the oceans with iron dust to launching sunlight-reflecting particles into the stratosphere would also help the supposed greenhouse effect. ...read more.


Glassman, "Forget Kyoto," from the American Enterprise Institute, January 2001. Reason magazine had seven pages of its November 1997 issue with solutions to global warming at little cost Since CO2 stimulates plant growth and lessens the need for water, we could also expect more bountiful harvests over the next couple of centuries. This is certainly not bad news to the developing nations of the world struggling to feed their populations. Far from being a self-induced disaster, global warming, as it may exist in the most benign incremental form, is the result of natural changes and could yield positive benefits. It is a predictable, quantifiable process. Since the temperature of the Holocene Maximum is close to what global warming models project for the Earth by 2100, how mankind faired during the era is instructive. The most striking fact is that it was during this period that the Agricultural Revolution began in the Middle East, laying the foundation for civilization. Yet, Greenhouse theory proponents claim the planet will experience severe environmental distress if the climate gets that warm again. ...read more.


In July 1998 Vice President Al Gore referred to ''more than 2,600 scientists ''who ''have signed a letter about global climatic disruption.'' Last month, Environmental Protection Agency chief Carol Browner scolded CNN ''Crossfire'' host John Sununu by saying, ''I am surprised that you would reject the word of 2,500 international acclaimed scientists.'' But just who makes up this army of experts? That's what Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation, a free-market think tank, wondered. It turns out that Gore and Browner were referring to a cautionary letter by the environmental group Ozone Action, signed by 2,611 people with quite varied backgrounds. The CSE Foundation did some research on those backgrounds and found a few experts on weather and climate - but not many. It also found lawyers, two landscape architects, a philosopher, a dermatologist and a diplomat. In all, the foundation found that only 182, or 11 per cent, of the signatories were in specialties that might have some bearing on the study of climate. And most of these were in geology, oceanography, geography and physics - fields that focus mainly on other subjects. Just a handful - 15 - clearly specialized in climate, weather or other atmospheric science. ...read more.

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