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gr. 9 Geography scrapbook article

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Physical Article: Japan sends rescue team into China Newspaper: Toronto Star Date published: Friday May 16, 2008 About the article On monday may 12, 2008 a devastating earthquake hit China killing about 50,000 people so far. As thousands lost their homes or even their loved ones, alot of people are trapped under the rubble waiting to be rescued. At first china always used to decline help from outside expertise but after monday's earthquake the government welcomed money, aid and goods but not inernational rescue workers, though Japan, Russia and South korea sent a rescue team all together made up of about 151 workers. Other foreign governments and organization also offered help but China turned them down. How it relates to geography and things we learned This article goes under Natural Disasters and it connects to unit 3 in our geography book at page 110-111. It talks about Canada's Geologic history on earthquakes, volcanoes and plates. ...read more.


Then on page 482-484 we have information on the different water issues and turns out that Quebec is not the only city with such issues. Water pollution, in result of chemicals in our lakes is the most deadly yet it can be found in sources of drinking water for millions of people. Some industries have dumped toxic chemicals into our water supplies for years so do you really think the water you drink is safe? _____________________________________________________ Culture Article: New Immigrants need good jobs Newspaper: Toronto star Date published: Mon. April 7, 2008 About the article This Article talks about a problem that most immigrants that came to Canada have to deal with... jobs. It clearly points out the fact that immigrants are forced to change their career fields and get low paying jobs such as serving for fast food restaurants just to make a living. The government considers a doctor delivering a pizza as employed, and Canada beeing not a cheap country how are these immigrants suppose to make a living? ...read more.


Although this article focuses on 1 important question "if not now, then when?" The answer to that question is sad yet true, "If not now. then maybe never." How it relates to geography and things we learned In unit 6 (pg. 435, 446-447) we begin learning about United Nations and what it consists of. It is pretty much a international organization that stops wars between nations and to help countries in anyway they can. UN is made up of 192 member states. Every member has agreed to follow the UN system and its rules and this article is talking about 1 of the rules that now worries people. The UN has a peacekeeping operation but if they can't get past the border to Burma, how are they going to help or keep peace? Personally I believe that what's done is done, and it's enough, let atlist the survivers get aid now. They should open up the border allready and let other countries help out. It is not fair and everyone should be treated equally no matter who made up that rule. Yet again that's just an opinion. ...read more.

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