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green house

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´╗┐Green House Effect. Greenhouse Effect plays a huge role in helping warm the earth?s atmosphere. The atmosphere is transparent to incoming ultra violet rays, which is absorbed by the earth?s surface. The sun warms the earth surface. As heat energy from the sun passes through the atmosphere, almost three quarters of the energy gets absorbed into the earth. Some part of this energy is reflected back into the atmosphere from the land and ocean surface. This reflected heat energy will be reflected back into space. The rest actually remains behind to heat the earth. In order to establish a balance, the earth must radiate some energy back into the atmosphere. As the earth is much cooler than the sun, it does not emit energy as visible light. ...read more.


Just as the glass of the greenhouse prevents the radiation of excess energy, this ?gas blanket? absorbs some of the energy emitted by the earth and keeps temperature levels intact. This effect was first recognized by a French scientist, Jean-Baptiste Fourier, who pointed out the similarly in what happens in the atmosphere and in a greenhouse. Hence he terms the ?greenhouse effect.? Rise in global temperatures causes many climatic changes also, but the most drastic change will be the increase in sea-level. Already, the rise in global temperatures have resulted in cracks in the Antarctic ice shelf. Melting of even fraction of the volume of polar ice can result in flooding of many low lying areas around the earth. Other climate changes include floods, droughts, storms and exceptionally warm summers. ...read more.


These greenhouse gases are completely human-caused. They harm stratospheric ozone, and so are not as directly responsible for global warming as carbon dioxide is. The question of reducing their presence in the stratosphere is being taken care of in another global convention, the Montreal Protocol. These gases are particularly effective in absorbing long wave radiation from the earth?s surface and preventing heat from escaping. Although the views and opinions of people across the world vary on issues relating to the cause of global warming and its possible impacts, there is a common understanding that it is a cause for major global concern and must be addressed immediately. Reference: Physics Year 11 and 12 Heinemann Text book, National Geography 1999 edition, pg.95 ...read more.

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