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Hastings Country Park the balance between the conflicting interests of conservation of the environment and free access to the public for leisure and recreation - INTRODUCTION

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At Hastings Country Park the balance between the conflicting interests of conservation of the environment and free access to the public for leisure and recreation has not been achieved. Hastings Country Park was setup along with other country parks in the UK to open up opportunities for recreational activities in the countryside for the public. A country park is defined as an area of land larger than 25 acres. 'Leisure and Countryside' was a white paper produced by the government for showing ideas of the development of country parks, this included making it easier for the public to access informal recreation without travelling too far and to control damage of the countryside. Also included was to reduce visitor pressure in the sensitive remote areas. This was successful and became legal for local authorities to develop country parks, part of the Countryside Act. Visitor education also became a part of country parks. ...read more.


These park rangers have the job of undertaking conservation and visitor management; work with volunteers and the community; education and interpretation work; regularly run walks and talks and patrolling the park. Conflicts between conservation and free access mean that it could be detrimental to Hastings Country Park. Visitors must abide by the rules and regulations for the park to run smoothly also there are certain activities that should be acknowledged and are to help you around Hastings Country Park, these are shown with Key Symbols that should be used for your benefit. Good walking conditions: Relatively flat Moderate walking conditions: May involve moderate hill walking. More challenging conditions: May include walking some steep inclines or on the beach, involving slippery surfaces. Wheelchair or buggy access Bring a camera No dogs Bring binoculars Booking essential Bring a torch Great for families Conservation work task (old clothes essential) ...read more.


A hedgehog's head was stuck in a discarded can, a fox had it's head stuck in a car wheel, a swan poisoned by lead fishing weights with a hook piercing its neck and a duck's foot chopped off by fishing line, these were all cases needlessly caused by people dropping litter. Dog Waste is also another problem. It contaminates the ground and becomes a means of passing intestinal parasites and infections to not only dogs but people too. Dogs can be repeatedly reinvested by parasites in this way. Picking it up prevents a great deal of the contamination. Cleaning up can reduce veterinary expenses and might even save on human doctor bills. As well as smell and mess, dog waste is highly offensive to many people in the community. It often becomes a reason to ban dogs from areas. It's easy to enact a "No Dogs Allowed" rule, but it's the people who do clean up who suffer. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 - Introduction ...read more.

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