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heat transfer

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Heat is energy in transit from warmer to colder system, there is heat transfer in the earth-atmosphere system. The discipline of heat transfer is concerned with only two things, temperature and the flow of heat. Temperature represents the amount of thermal energy available, whereas heat flow represents the movement of thermal energy from place to place. In this essay, I shall discuss the mechanisms of heat transfer. There are three categories of heat transfer mechanisms, they are conduction, convection and radiation. These mechanisms operate to transfer heat between earth's surface and the atmosphere. Firstly conduction is the transfer of heat through matter by molecular activity. ...read more.


The heat transfer of the earth-atmosphere works on a single basic principle-heat moves from warmer to colder areas. The difference in the distribution of heat energy from the sun over the earth's surface and the net radiation balance has led to the heat transfer. There is a heat budget of the earth, the heat transfer takes place to maintain the heat budget balance. From the resource sheets, there is a net surplus radiation for earth-atmosphere system between 35?S and 40?N and a net deficit to the pole ward side of those latitudes. There is positive heat balance within the tropics and a negative heat balance both at high latitudes and low altitudes, so major heat transfers take place to prevent tropical areas from overheating. ...read more.


For the horizontal transfer, because of the angle of sun, altitude, geographic position and other factors, the distribution of heat energy from the sun over the earth's surface is different, deficit region and energy surplus region. As the topics do not progressively hotter or the high latitude colder, a redistribution of world heat energy from tropics to the poles must constantly occur. Pole ward heat transport takes place within the atmosphere and ocean and it is estimated that the former accounts for about 2/3 of the required total. The intensity of the pole ward horizontal energy flow is closely related to the meridonal temperature gradient. In winter, this temperature gradient is at a maximum and in consequence the hemispheric air circulation is most intense and so do energy flow. ...read more.

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