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Is it possible to delimit the CBD? Location: Hitchin Introduction The aim of this project is to delimit the CBD of Hitchen. The CBD is the central business district of a town in which are found most of the offices and shops. The group that aimed to find the borders of the town was a group of STAGS School pupils. This group collected the Data and in this booklet is discussed the relevancies of the information, why trends in the data have been found and how these trends could be used to find and Delimit the CBD of Hitchen. This delimitation is done in the conclusions section. Finally in the Evaluation problems with the project are discussed and how it could be improved if the investigation. Hitchen is to the North West of Stevenage, and is famous for trading during ancient times, and it's market in the present day. It has established itself as a centre of commerce and and industry. ...read more.


The cost of land would be greater in the CBD so less people can afford to live there. As the houses near the CBD, they will become more nucleated. I believe in these hypothesizes because of many geographical factors present, which apply to most towns in MEDC's. As you get closer to the CBD, I also think that the population density will increase. I also think that more well known and chain stores increase in number with decreasing distance from the town centre. Only the richer companies can afford the high rent, and that parking restrictions increase with decreasing distance from the town centre. More people mean more cars and cars cause congestion, parking restrictions therefore discourages cars. The pedestrians' distance from home would increase with decreasing distance from the town centre, Because the homes are mainly in the outskirts of the city. Method/data collection On March the 16th, we collected data from hitchin, from around 9:00 AM untill 2:30 PM. ...read more.


The same problem occurred when collecting data about the noise pollution, and therefore I would see it as more accurate to use a decibel meter. Also, the number of people in the CBD during my survey was hindered . Conclusion I believe that I had not collected enough data, as our results would be unreliable because of the fact it was market day. We had several problems collecting the data; ......... the advantages of our techniques used in our method were that we could quickly and easily record data without too many errors. A disadvantage is that the errors were numerous, and that we did not record our data over a long enough period of time, so that we could average and increase the precision of our results. All the results have given a very similar set of trends and estimates of the CBD core and fringe limits. Shopping quality, Street appearance and number of pedestrians on streets, all increase with decreasing distance from the centre of Hitchin, similarly the high point was usually the high street. ...read more.

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