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How and why housing Residential environments differ In different areas of Nuneaton.

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A Project On Nuneaton Housing HOW AND WHY HOUSING RESIDENTIAL ENVIRONMENTS DIFFER IN DIFFERENT AREAS OF NUNEATON GCSE GEOGRAPHY COURSEWORK UN-JUNG IM GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im Contents SECTIONS INCLUDED > Introduction and analysis of task (P.3) > Background about Housing (P.4) > Changes housing from the centre to the out of Nuenaton. (P.5-8) > Quality of environment vary as people move out of Nuneaton i. Traffic management measures (P.) ii. Litter Pollution (P.9-10) iii. Noise Pollution (P.10-11) > Questionnaire section (P.) > Evaluation (P.) > Bibliography (P.) > Appendices (P.) GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im INTRODUCTION I have chosen, Oaston Road, Shanklin Drive and Bramdene Avenue, these three Places for this project. Oaston Road, most buildings are made in Victorian century which means between 18th and 19th.This place, Oaston Road, houses has one comment which is that every single house has decoration between bricks and roof. Oaston Road's most of houses are Terraced but very few of them are semi-detached. Next, Shanklin Drive, the date that this street/drive started build was about 80 years ago. I could see that the houses are Semi-detached but very small amount of the houses were Detached also this place, Shanklin Drive, has some of the small corner markets .Last place, Bramdene Avenue, this place was built in 1960 most houses are new and has modern design. This Road/Avenue is placed in end of town so it seems to looks like very quite places but many cars were passing next this road, which is Weddington Road. These three place's houses are made in different date and that is why each place has different environment for long time. ...read more.


* House maintenance - It's well maintained. Every houses had new doors and clean windows also the houses with painting on were GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im looks great either. * Other features - Trees, grass and flowers improve the appearance * Open space - It is present and there are safe play areas for children. * Gardens - Pleasant and well looked after * Car Parking - Parking mainly off the roads. * Road crossing - There is many cars passing the road but it was slow moving and easy and safe to cross. * Litter - Very few litter visible GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im HOUSE SKETCHES AND COLLECTING HOUSE INFORMATION FROM THE NEWSPAPER OASTON ROAD GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im SHANKLIN DRIVE GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im BRAMDENE AVENUE GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im TRAFFIC COUNT Oaston Road Shanklin Drive GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im Bramdene Avenue GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im QUALITY OF ENVIRONMENT Litter Pollution Oaston Road It was quite spread out so it does not looks very dirty but when I had results. It made me think that this area was very dirty and untidy. There were quite many cigarette ends and sweet papers. I saw someone who looks about 30-40 years old woman did not picked her litter. I could understand that why this area has a lots of litters. Shanklin Drive GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im This street/Drive is long so that is why I could find many litters but it does not look dirty or untidy. There were some cigarette ends and chewing gums on the ground but you can not see those litters very well. ...read more.


But half of people did not answer because they did not want to move. GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im Question 9 and 10 results: nearly everyone did not answered these questions because, the questions did not made sense so many people were confused that the question 9 were asking about 'How long they lived' or 'How long they would like to live there'. Overall I could not had enough information to make graphs for these questions. GCSE Geography Coursework Un-Jung Im EVALUATION This piece of course work has gone quite well I have included all the required information and performed all the required tasks. Although not all of the sections are up to the standard I would have preferred and except for time constraints, course works, and other pressures; these standards would have been met. * I could have improved the questionnaire section by having done a more full analysis of questions and the results with more use of formulas, ratios, etc, to explain the results better mathematically also I could have had more questions on my questions to collect more information. * The introduction and house information did not go very well because I was unsure what I had to write on introduction and house information. * If I had the time, I would created a glossary of key terms and also write more details about housing information I feel I tried the best I could because usually my elder sister helps me to do my coursework, for example, checking my spellings or make sentences in correct but she not here anymore so it did not go well at first, doing with myself. But now I feel much more comfortable and felt much better that my project is complete. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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