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How Blackpools appeal to famillies

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Blackpool Blackpool's appeal to families Blackpool is an excellent place for families to visit because there are many attractions in Blackpool that will appeal to people of different ages. Children will enjoy playing in Jungle Jims which is a playground. Adults can relax at the harbour side cafe bar whilst their children play. Families may enjoy watching the tower circus, Aladdin pantomime and magic show. They may enjoy exploring the jungle with the Jurassic walk and the aquarium. There is also the tower lounge bar which is a large pub that is fun for kids. Adults can relax whilst their children play. There are many exciting museums that they can visit. ...read more.


Families may want to watch shows together, go ice skating or go bowling. At the Blackpool Zoo families may enjoy exploring and learning about lizards and elephants in the lizard house and children will enjoy playing in the climbing area. There are over 18 slides and attractions including water slides, fun pools, wave machine, lazy river, water chutes and arcades for families to enjoy at the Sandcastle Water park. There are also burger bars and snack bars for families to enjoy a delicious lunch after lots of play. in flight entertainment due to advances in technology. Entertainment may include latest movie releases, electronic games and radio channels. ...read more.


Some of these activities and attractions such as the beach are free which is ideal as family tickets can be costly. Blackpool's appeal to Young people Blackpool will appeal to young people because there are many thrilling and exhilarating activities to do. There are many exciting white knuckle rides at the Blackpool pleasure beach. There are also many shows and there is an ice arena where young people will enjoy spending time. There are many shopping venues in Blackpool such as Houndshill Shopping centre where young people can relax and shop because they care about the way they look. There are many leisure arcades in Blackpool where young people can spend money. There are many sports centre in Blackpool where Young people can enjoy taking part in extreme sports and activities. ?? ?? ?? ?? M1 ...read more.

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