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How can we sustainably develop an area of tropical rainforest?

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´╗┐How can we sustainably develop an area of tropical rainforest? Introduction to the Rainforest: Rainforests can be found near the earth?s Equator where temperatures are high. Since the Equator is mostly tilted towards the sun, their biomes have high temperatures and humidity which allows for a large diversity of animals and plants to live there. This is unlike forests which consists of mainly one type of tree and doesn?t have much diversity in its plants and animals. Figure 1- Distribution of tropical rainforests ?Earths lungs? Clearly, the largest is the Amazon Rainforest. Figure 2- Amazon in Brazil The Amazon spreads on many countries in South America. The Amazon rainforest is disappearing fast from the earth?s surface because of deforestation which is putting a risk on the forest. Falls onto eight nations. 60 % of it is inside Brazil therefore they have large control on it. . 4,100,000 square kilometres Figure 3- Layers of the Amazon Emergent Layer - These are the tallest trees which get plenty of light. Monkeys, bats and butterflies can be found here. Canopy ? Maze of leaves and branches that have many animals living in it due to so much food. Animals include snakes, toucan and tree frogs. Under Story ? little sunlight gets here and so leaves grow out to be able to catch it Forest floor ? almost no plants grow here since it is dark and so it decays really fast. ...read more.


We as a country are growing due to all this importing and exporting so we must keep all this demand so that we can keep providing jobs and prospering. (MNCs) Until demand for our products is reduced then we will keep on cutting down trees so that our company can prosper. Besides, we are contributing to the government by paying taxes and giving people jobs in our factories, therefore being more help to the government then the actual rainforest. Note: these sources are all biased from their own points of view. Effect Explanation Positive/Negative People have jobs They can then spend more money inside the country and be more prosperous meaning money would circulate and the economy could grow Positive Trees being cut down and plants and animals die Reduces the biodiversity of the Amazon. By cutting down all those trees, CO2 is being released into the atmosphere which would damage the ozone layer and cause the earth to become more vulnerable. Also it is raising the pollution inside the world causing more damage. Negative Indigenous people lose their homes May result in people migrating to cities and creating overpopulation in as well as higher unemployment as those from outside the city may not have the suitable skills for life in the city. Also, by tourists, loggers or any other form of foreign contact, western diseases are brought upon the ingenious people. ...read more.


Also, the efforts of campaigners of Greenpeace continued campaigning they could raise more awareness of the rainforest and indigenous people who occupy it and people would then demand the FCS cows or timber more. Also, if MNC?s take on the FSC label then the Brazilian governments would be forced to control cattle ranching so that these companies can continue buying from them and FCS would be able to approve their cattle. However, this may mean more expensive food for people living abroad. The FSC label would be a good idea to protect the rainforests timber, but it can also be used for the cattle ranching. If demand could be changed outside Brazil for these products so that only timber which has the FSC label can be sold it would mean Brazil will then accustom to the demand and enforce this law. This would also put illegal loggers out of business as they wouldn?t be able to export their products and cannot sell so they would look for more legal solutions and businesses and may therefore decide to work together with the government which would benefit both sides and this would then increase prosperity and the Brazilian government would benefit from and use it wisely. If the same law was applied to cattle then people would demand cattle they know has been looked after well which would generate a peace around the Amazon as the wood is not absued and indigenous peoples homes are not destroyed and Brazil could continue to benefit from the Amazon without the cost of exploiting the forest. ...read more.

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