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How do shopping patterns vary between an out of town centre and a neighbourhood centre

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GEOGRAPHY COURSEWORK ''How do shopping patterns vary between an out of town centre and a neighbourhood centre?'' Geography Coursework I am going to compare the shopping patterns between two different types of shopping centres: An out of town shopping centre (Bridgend designer outlet) and a local shopping centre (Fairway). I designed a questionnaire and went to the two outlets, filling in the questionnaires. We did this as a group and then looked at the results, in our group we completed in total 100 questionnaires in both areas so we had a reliable source of information to look at. Then we needed to find the difference between the two shopping centres, for example: age bracket of people, type of items purchased in the area. The scope of my inquiry is: To explore how shopping patterns vary between an out of town shopping centre and a neighbourhood shopping centre and to find out why these differences exist. My aim for the coursework is to answer the question above, to do this I must test the 5 hypotheses, listed below. I will be proving/disapproving each one and how they affect the shopping patterns of each shopping centre. Hypotheses I am going to prove/disprove 5 hypotheses about Bridgend designer outlet and fairway. 1. People spend more money in Bridgend designer outlet. 2. People tend to buy more convenience items at fairway. ...read more.


With Fairway people go there more frequently but spend less money on a daily basis. Hypothesis 2 In my second hypothesis I am going to prove/disapprove the following statement: ''People buy more food at Fairway'' The graph proves that far more people spend money on everyday food at Fairway. The only money spent on food in the designer outlet is either in the food court on meals/takeaways, or in the chocolate shops. Customers spend on average twelve times the amount of money on food at Fairway than they do in the Bridgend designer outlet. So to conclude this statement, more people go to fairways for food, but people do buy food at the outlet as they can go to the restaurants located in the food court, also they can purchase food and drinks at the several cafes such as Starbuck's and Costa coffee. Hypothesis 3 In my third hypothesis I am going to prove/disprove the following statement: ''People use more transport to Bridgend designer outlet'' As shown above more people use transport to get to Bridgend designer outlet than they do to get to Fairway. This is because Fairway is a local shopping centre and people live within walking distance to it. Bridgend designer outlet has been situated in an area were it attracts customers from towns and cites located around South Wales. ...read more.


I have also added other graphs to make it even clearer. The maps I used were all described, explained and annotated where appropriate. Things I have done well include the aerial photograph of Fairway. I have spent a lot of time perfecting this part of my coursework labelling all of the shops and discussing a few of them further. The pictures I have found of Video world I am also happy with I have found 2 pictures of then and now. I have talked about the changes this shop has made to encourage more customers. One of these changes was its aesthetic appearance, the shop now looks more modern and people like this. Weaknesses The weaknesses of my coursework were my 5 hypotheses. At first, some of my graphs were hard to read and understand but after improving them and changing some to more suitable graphs they were changed to be a lot easier to understand and read. A problem I have realised with our results we got from our Questionnaires were that to produce a more accurate analysis of the whole project you would need to carry out the survey every day for 7 days at both the Bridgend designer outlet and Fairway. The weather also affects the number of customers shopping; more people go shopping in fine weather, and tend to stay at home if it's raining. This would make our results more reliable to work with. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Coursework - 1 - ...read more.

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