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How Does Quality of Life Vary Across London?

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How Does Quality of Life Vary Across London? Introduction Quality of life is the focal point of this piece of coursework. In order to investigate the quality of life across London, we carried out fieldwork in six different areas in London. Quality of life is the level of satisfaction people have with their lives in their environment. This is a relative concept. It is the standard of living' which is the satisfaction people have with their way of life - a more general term used to describe countries rather than regions - along with other considerations such as noise and air pollution. Models are theoretical framework, which have been created to show land. They help to explain the reality though may not actually exist. As the urban area grows, they tend to develop recognisable patterns and although each settlement has its own unique pattern it is likely to show similarities with other cities. Many models have been put forward but there are two models, which are commonly used. They are two of the earliest and most simplified land use models, the concentric model - or Burgess Model - and the sector model - or Hoyt model. ...read more.


I also wrote down any amenities I could see. We went to Stratford shopping centre where I filled in the shopping table. We headed back to Stratford station and again on the central line we went to South Woodford Station (George lane (west)). We went to Glebeland Avenue and filled in our environmental scoring sheet and the housing survey. We went back to find an estate agency and looked at prices for houses in the area. We wrote a list of the amenities available and the shopping quality. We got back into the station and went back to Mile End. We changed onto the District Line and went to Whitechapel Station. It did not take long to hear the sounds of the busy market. We got straight down to filling in our amenities & shopping tables. We went through many alleyways to reach Hanbury Street. Here we checked out the housing. The dark alleyways and the high fencing indicated to me that this was a high crime rate area. Returning to Whitechapel Station, we went to Embankment station. Now in Central London we filled in the tables on amenities & shopping. ...read more.


* Charing Cross Station * Hotels * Bookshop * Chemist * Car park * Restaurant * Optician * Barclays Bank * Shopping South Woodford Stratford Whitechapel Central London South Kensington Kew There are quite a few shops which are seen as you get out of the station * Burger King * Clothes shops * Shoe shops * Newsagent * Charity shop * Woolworth The majority of the shops are inside the shopping centre * Burger king * New look * Kwik save * Currys * Dixon * Superdrugs * WHSmith * Woolworth * Butchers * Jewellery shops * Shoe shops * Iceland There are also shops outside such as Argos and KFC There are lots of shops along the street * Indian clothes shop * Fast food shops - Pizza Hut, Macdonald's * Indian restaurant * Sainsbury The roads are also full with stalls such as vegetable stalls and clothes stalls The * Newsagent There are fewer shops here but they are larger and of higher standard The only shops I could see was a fish & chip shop and a caf´┐Ż * Flower shop * Vegetable shop * Grocery shop * Butcher * Newsagent Candidate No. 1312 Subject: Geography Centre No. 10508 Centre Name: Central Foundation Girls' School ...read more.

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